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Cowboys Micah Parsons: Just Wait 'Til We're 'Unleashed'

"I feel like I wasn't even fully go-go yet,'' Micah said. "I feel like the leash is still on. But we going to let it off soon."

ARLINGTON – Micah Parsons ... Unleashed?

The Dallas Cowboys' first-round rookie linebacker who is so much more than just a linebacker exited Saturday's 20-14 NFL preseason loss at AT&T Stadium a success. That was revealed throughout the first half, just as it's been revealed since he arrived in DFW as the team's first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

And some "non-vanilla'' things were revealed here in terms of his role, too.

"You never know if I'm coming or dropping back," Parsons said. "Plus, we've got guys like D-Law and Greg (DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory) who are going to be playing this year and getting one-on-ones. That's going to be nice. 

"Everybody winning their one-on-one and you just make a play."

It might not be quite that easy. But it is accurate to note that Parsons is a first-team linebacker, a starting Nickel (one of two) linebackers, a guy who can line up at end and rush the passer, a guy who can drop into coverage and make plays on the ball ...

"I feel like I wasn't even fully go-go yet,'' he said. "I feel like the leash is still on.

"But we going to let it off soon."

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"Soon'' means on Sept. 9 at Tampa Bay in the NFL regular-season opener. Otherwise, Parsons is surely done for the exhibition season, even though there is one game (Jacksonville here at AT&T Stadium next week) to play.

This, therefore, will have to do. Versatility demonstrated. Athleticism demonstrated. The innate ability to have teammates much more seasoned than him rallying around the kid as a leader.

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And seven points allowed in the entire first half.

"Our defense had a nice evening,'' said Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy .

They showed a little something. Parsons is excited to show more.

"We're just being very limited right now, not trying to show too much and things like that," he said. "I'm kind of just biting my tongue because I know what we're really capable of."

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