Ranking the Dallas Cowboys' most important quarterbacks in franchise history

The Dallas Cowboys, known as "America's Team," are among the greatest franchises in NFL history, especially in the Super Bowl Era. With every great team, a great quarterback has been under center. Here are the 10 greatest quarterbacks in franchise history.
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The Dallas Cowboys have the most wins in NFL history since their inaugural season in 1960. A key ingredient to their success has been the presence of exceptional quarterbacks.

So, let's look at the top 10 quarterbacks in franchise history, who have each contributed significantly to America's Team's legacy.

Honorable Mentions: Steve Pelluer (1984-1988), Jason Garrett (1993-1999), Cooper Rush (2017-2023).

10. Eddie Lebaron (1960-1963)

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Eddie Lebaron makes the list for being the first-ever starting quarterback in Cowboys' history. Lebaron went winless in his first season with the Cowboys but rebounded and made one Pro Bowl in his four-year stint with the Cowboys.

Accolades: 5-22-1 record, 1x Pro Bowler

9. Quincy Carter (2001-2003)

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Quincy Carter was taken in the second round of the 2001 draft by the Cowboys to be the successor to Troy Aikman.

Carter was known for his poor decision-making, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns with the Cowboys. His last season with the Cowboys in 2003 was his best, with 17 passing touchdowns, 21 interceptions, and leading the Cowboys to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Accolades: 16-15 record

8. Drew Bledsoe (2005-2006)

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While Bledsoe's tenure with the Cowboys was brief and mediocre, his time with the team is remembered for his pivotal role when the Cowboys transitioned from him to Tony Romo as the starting quarterback.

Bledsoe's experience and leadership were pivotal in Romo's early success, even if his on-field performance wasn't anything special.

Accolades: 12-10 record

7. Craig Morton (1965-1974)

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Drafted in the first round of the 1965 NFL Draft, Morton initially served as a backup to Don Meredith. He became the starting quarterback in 1969, leading the Cowboys to a 10-4 record and the playoffs. His most notable achievement came the following year when he took the Cowboys to the Super Bowl but lost to the Baltimore Colts.

Morton served as a backup to Staubach in his only Super Bowl win.

Accolades: 32-14-1 record, 1x Super Bowl Champion

6. Danny White (1976-1988)

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Danny White's only Super Bowl with the Cowboys came when he was a Punter; however, he also had tremendous success leading the charge on offense. White took over as the starting quarterback following Staubach's retirement, leading the Cowboys to five playoff appearances and three consecutive appearances in the NFC Championship game from 1980 to 1982.

Accolades: 62-30 record, 1x Pro Bowler, 1x Super Bowl Champion.

5. Don Meredith (1960-1968)

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Don Meredith was one of the original members of the Cowboys and helped the team make a name for itself in the 1960s. Meredith was known for his strong arm, toughness, and leadership, leading the Cowboys to consecutive NFL Championship games in 1966 and 1967. You can always tell if someone is a real Cowboys fan if they have heard of Don Meredith.

Accolades: 47-32-4 record, 3x pro Bowler, Bert Bell Award.

4. Tony Romo (2004-2016)

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Romo was known for his impressive playmaking and ability to evade sacks. He holds several Cowboys franchise records, including most passing yards, passing touchdowns, and game-winning drives.

Despite facing criticism for his playoff performance, winning only two playoff games, he earned four Pro Bowl selections and was highly regarded for his clutch moments in the regular season.

Accolades: 78-49 record, 4x Pro Bowler

3. Dak Prescott (2016-Active)

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If Prescott's career ended today, he would be second in franchise passing yards, touchdowns, and game-winning drives and fourth in wins. Prescott stormed onto the scene in his rookie season, leading the Cowboys to a 13-3 record.

The Cowboys had found their new star quarterback. Unfortunately, his career has shaped like Romo's, with just two playoff wins thus far and five appearances.

Accolades: 73-41 record, 3x Pro Bowler, Offensive ROY

2. Troy Aikman (1989-2000)

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Troy Aikman was not known for putting up gaudy numbers. Instead, he was known for something much more important: winning.

Aikman always shined when the lights were brightest, elevating his game when the Cowboys won three Super Bowls in four years as he led the offense.

Accolades: 94-71 record, 6x Pro Bowler, 3x Super Bowl Champion, 1x Super Bowl MVP, Hall of Fame

1. Roger Staubach (1969-1979)

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Nicknamed Roger the Dodger or Captain Comeback, Staubach was known for performing when it mattered most, orchestrating 13 fourth-quarter comebacks and 21 game-winning drives.

Staubach is widely regarded as the best quarterback of his era. He threw for 22,700 yards and 153 touchdowns, with a passer rating of 83.4.

Accolades: 85-29 record, 6x Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, Bert Bell Award, Hall of Fame All-70's Team, and Hall of Fame.

These quarterbacks have made the Cowboys into the most valuable franchise in sports.

Despite their recent failure to win a Super Bowl, the Cowboys still have the third most Super Bowls, fourth most playoff wins, the most regular season wins, and the most Hall of Famers since they were founded in 1960.

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