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Right Move For Cowboys to Re-Sign Tony Pollard?

Tony Pollard's time with the Dallas Cowboys was thought to be over, but now with several reports stating that a return on less money has surfaced, is it in the best interests of the team to run it back?

It was thought that the Dallas Cowboys weren't going to bring back Tony Pollard after the running back entered free agency. Having back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons seemed good on paper, but in his first year as the lead back, Pollard struggled.

As such, the consensus was that Pollard and the Cowboys would part ways, with the thinking being to draft his replacement, not sign a star like Derrick Henry via free agency.

Cowboys Nation seemed content with that. But now, the Dallas Morning News has reported that Pollard is willing to take less money if it means he can return to Dallas this offseason.

Then, NBC's Matthew Berry added more smoke to the fire by stating that at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, he heard some interesting chatter about Pollard and Dallas.

"I’m told a likely landing spot for Tony Pollard is… Dallas? Yeah, apparently the Cowboys want to bring him back despite all of us thinking he had a down year," Berry wrote. "He wasn’t fully healthy for a lot of the year, but they like him a lot there and I was told: “Don’t be surprised if they bring Pollard back.”

So that's two reputable figures in the industry stating that Pollard could return to the Cowboys in 2024.

Exactly what that deal would/could look like is unknown, but has his market value at just $6.5 million APY. That figure could work.

With Pollard seemingly ready to take less money, it is conceivable that the Cowboys try and bring that $6.5 million down even further, but we will have to let the cake bake on that.

Still, even if Pollard wants a return to Dallas, would it be the right move?

Tony Pollard Rams

While it is clear that Pollard was still struggling with his leg injury he sustained against the San Francisco 49ers in the 2022 playoffs, Pollard had fewer yards and touchdowns as the lead back, despite 59 more rushing attempts.

But could he be a different player a year removed from his injury?

He only managed one 100-yard rushing game and only had 20-plus carries just three times as Dak Prescott was often forced to overcome a poor run game.

It is also worth noting that Pollard is set to turn 27 on April 30. Why is that significant? Well, the Cowboys want to avoid a drop-off in production from their running backs by moving on before that happens and the cut-off age for their theory is 28.

So would Dallas bring back Pollard for just one season? Or will they break their own "rule" and sign him to a multi-year deal?

Either way, Pollard returning isn't as clear-cut as it might seem. There are a lot of moving parts and while Pollard wants to return, whether that is in the best interests of the team is in the eye of the beholder.

With the draft filled with talented backs in Trey Benson, Jonathan Brooks, Jaylen Wright, Marshawn Lloyd, and Blake Corum, selecting one could prove more cost-effective than re-signing Pollard.

But Pollard is a known commodity and if the Cowboys have an intention of being at least as good as they were in 2023, his return makes sense.

There appears to be a want to have Pollard on the Cowboys roster in 2024 and if both sides want it, there's a fair chance it could happen.

However, would that be the right move? Time will tell.