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Camp Bubble: '90% Of Cowboys' Living In Hotel, Says Dak

The Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Bubble: '90% Of Players' Living In Hotel, Says Leader Dak Prescott

FRISCO - We have touted for weeks the idea of the Dallas Cowboys using the unique facility they call home, The Star in Frisco, to create a sort of "stay-at-home'' training camp "bubble.'' And that process is underway, confirmed team leader Dak Prescott - underway in a big way.

"The healthiest team wins,'' said the QB as part of Wednesday's "State of the Union'' address. "We’ve come together as leaders and taken on this option."

And how many Cowboys players have done so, with plans to stay at the Omni Frisco Hotel for the duration of camp?

"Ninety percent of the guys,'' Dak said. "It's about trying to stay as safe as I can, as healthy as I can.''

We've known that Cowboys rookies are housed at the Omni, which is adjacent to The Star. We now know that other members of the Cowboys family - players and more - are buying into the idea of enveloping themselves against the COVID-19 outside world. Our argument has been that doing so for a few weeks, as it regards the separation from family and friends, would:

1 - Mimic what the Cowboys do annually anyway, when they are secluded together in Oxnard for camp.

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2 - Give the Cowboys and any other team that takes the concept seriously a leg up when it comes to improved health for Week 1 of the NFL regular season and beyond.

"Hotel campers'' so far include players coaches, trainers and some other essential staffers. By CBA rule, players cannot be forced to sign up ... and not all of them have. In truth, that makes this something short of being the NBA bubble in Orlando, inside which they 22 teams have reported absolutely zero positive tests for the coronavirus.

Of course, a limited bubble isn't really a bubble at all; it's a bubble with a hole in it.

Nevertheless, as we've stated before: The Star and The Omni provide virtually everything a person could want, without ever going outside: A high-quality hotel, first-class dining, entertainment ... and of course football to be practiced indoors and out via the backyard and Ford Center.

And as Prescott said, the NFL team that takes COVID-19 the most seriously ... might be the NFL team that wins the most games.