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Cowboys Coach Joe Whitt Jr. 1-on-1 Reveals ‘Shining Light of The Star’

“It’s partly about working for that man,” Whitt Jr. tells, speaking of Quinn.

FRISCO - The good news about the NFL Coaching Carousel as it regards Joe Whitt Jr., the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive passing game coordinator and secondary coach? He spent the so-far off-season very much on the defensive coordinator radar, drawing interest from the Ravens, Colts, Seahawks and, sources tell us, at least three other clubs.

The better news from a Cowboys perspective? As the Carousel slows, it increases the odds that one of coordinator Dan Quinn’s top lieutenants is staying at The Star.

“It’s partly about working for that man,” Whitt Jr. tells, speaking of Quinn. “He’s a bright, shining light to work for and to work with. During tough times, his light shows the way.”

UPDATE: Whitt is presently experiencing some personal strife that has him away from the Cowboys at camp. See the link below … 

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Additionally, Whitt Jr., 41, long dreamed of wearing the star well before he joined the Cowboys staff in January 2021 after having been a protege at different stops of both coach Mike McCarthy and Quinn.

“It’s that star,” Whitt Jr. says. “It is just something I wanted to do.”

Along with Quinn, Whitt Jr. was part of a complete turnaround of the 2021 Dallas defense. His time to climb, should he want that, is likely on the horizon.

But, Joe says, mentioning his father, an iconic coaching and leadership figure in Alabama, “Dad always told me, ‘You do the best job with the job that you have, and your next opportunity will come. So I’m not worried about it. When that time comes, I’m ready.”