Eagles' Wentz new contract sparks twitter back and fourth between Cowboys' Demarcus Lawrence and Eagles' Lane Johnson


Probably the most genuine and funny Dallas Cowboy is Defensive End Demarcus "Tank" Lawrence. Lawrence never hesitates to tell how he feels about himself or other players in the league and he never fails to get a chuckle or two out of members of the media.

Weather it be telling the crowd to “shut the hell up” during a game winning field goal vs Detroit last year, or when asked about his personality saying he seems cool but really he’ll “slap the **** out of all y’all”, Lawrence isn't shy when it comes to how he really feels.

On June 6, 2019, Long rival the Philadelphia Eagles gave QB Carson Wentz a 4 year extension worth $128 million dollars with $107.9 million guaranteed, setting a new record for guaranteed money. Lawrence took note of the record contract and took his opinions to twitter: “The richer they get, the better it feels when we humble they a**”

Eagles fans obviously took major offense to Tank’s tweet, which led to their fellow pro bowler OT Lane Johnson to respond: “#cantwait” with a gif of the famous Khawi Leonard laugh.

Eagles fans proceeded to let Lawrence know in the comments that he has never recorded a sack against their beloved Johnson. They failed to realize, however that playing in the trenches is more than how many sacks a DL records.

Twitter user @mason_friedhoff posted a video of Lane getting beat by Tank to make a tackle for loss on a 4th down vs philly last year with the season on the line and the caption: "This is more important than a sack.. “go on”... Season on the line... and Mr 65 let you down. Turnover on downs...". Mason even added a #CryEaglesCry saying in the video. Lawrence retweeted the video with his own caption, "Don’t speak truth to em’ Mason. They may learn something." and an emoji that resembles the Pinocchio long nose, lying face. 

Eagles fans continue to support the injury prone Wentz and give him credit for his 11-2 record in 2017, their championship year. Wentz has not proved that he could stay healthy since tearing his ACL vs. the Rams that year and has yet to win a playoff game. Why give him a record breaking contract? Maybe because of the 84 year history of the franchise, they have a grand total of one super bowl title. They are clearly loved blinded by the injury prone QB. 

Being little brother in a division with Dallas can be challenging. So much history and 4 titles to catch up with. Put yourself in their shoes. You'd be upset too. 

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Not sure what was more stupid..this article or the fact that bleacher report put in on an eagles feed. When you guys are actually relevant again, let us know.


For the love of God, please, pleaaaaase pay Dak more and set a new guarantee money record you guys will be relevant for years to come and maybe just maybe I might see a cowboys Superbowl in my lifetime #paydak #dakmoney 💰 🙏 #makezekethehighestpaidrb


What a lame article by an even lame Homer reporter. this from the team that's going to overpay for Dak Prescott LMAO. Pathetic! Just like the Cowboys, their fans, and even their lame reporters.


Glad you guys are liking the article by yours truly :) #GoCowboys