Glazer On Cowboys & Dak: Prescott's Staying in Place - And Not Asking for $40 Million

Jay Glazer Confirms A Scoop on What Dak Prescott is Really Asking for In Contract Talks with the Dallas Cowboys
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FRISCO - When we first started reporting on the 2019 specifics of what Dak Prescott was asking for in terms of APY from the Dallas Cowboys, it was made very clear to us from sources with first-hand knowledge of the negotiations that "the $40 million number'' was not "Dak's demand.''

How our report was characterized at the time, via 105.3 The Fan:

105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher reported ahead of training camp that the Cowboys were 'optimistic' a deal gets done at camp with Prescott. Additionally, Fish says that several Cowboys fans, and media members, might be surprised at the reasonable threshold that will get the deal done with Prescott. The (alleged) $40 mil figure would qualify as a surprise.

In other words, Dak wasn't asked for $40 million, a number that created a firestorm of attention on social media, and rightfully so, as it would've made him the highest-paid player in the league. Seattle Seahawks signal-caller Russell Wilson became the top-paid player in the NFL when he agreed to a four-year extension worth $140 million, an average of $35 million per year.

We made the same point two weeks ago here at

It's really just the continuation of a negotiation that, as we reported in this space in September, nearly came to fruition when Prescott's side expressed a willingness to accept a deal in the "mid-$30-million range'' APY.

Not the inaccurately reported-at-the-time "$40 million demanded.'' ... But mid-$30-million range.

And now along comes the plugged-in Jay Glazer, reporting at The Athletic, confirming our series of stories. Glazer is asked in a mailbag:

What’s going on between Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones? Is Dak really asking for AAV over 40 million dollars? Are there any QBs the Cowboys can target during the drafts so they can’t sign Dak to an extension? —Archit M.

Glazer's answer:

"Dak will be the quarterback of the Cowboys. Period. End of story. I don’t see him getting 40. I see Patrick Mahomes as the first $40 million-a-year guy. Whatever he does, any other team can look and say, “Well, you didn’t win an MVP and a Super Bowl MVP so you’re not going to make as much as that.” 

"But whether they franchise Dak, give him an extension, or whatever it is, it’s going to get done. He will be the quarterback of the future for the Cowboys, and no, he’s not asking for 40.''

This probably doesn't end the "firestorm of social-media attention'' given to the big, fat $40 million number. But ... it should.