‘Hot Commodity' Robert Quinn Leaves Cowboys ‘Brothers’ for $70M With Bears

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Dallas Cowboys free agent defensive end Robert Quinn recently told CowboysSI.com how much he'd like to return to Dallas to play with "my brothers.'' But a host of other NFL teams would like him to join their family, too.

And the Chicago Bears are the winner, with a five-year, $70 mil deal with Quinn, per NFL Network.

A source close to the Quinn situation on Monday told us that he is a "hot commodity,'' likely as a Tier-1 free agent who could greatly exceed in APY the $11 million figure many have guessed at. And this number: $14 mil APY.

The Cowboys have touched base on this first day of NFL free agency with a number of their own players, starting with QB Dak Prescott (who gets the franchise tag) and receiver Amari Cooper (who gets to go free despite intense negotiations with Dallas in the last 24 hours). Dallas has signed tight end Blake Jarwin, and will want to stay in touch with others.

But two of their Big Four are gone.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently said Quinn is “one of the top people ... that I’ve ever been associated with. He’s the real deal. ... He really helped us last year. So I’m hopeful that we can do something to keep him.''

But "hope'' wasn't going to be good enough. And "brotherhood'' was not be good enough, either.

Quinn, 29, appeared in 14 games with the Cowboys in 2019 and led the team with 11.5 sacks after coming to Dallas in a give-away trade with Miami. He's a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year who, as he told CowboysSI.com, "Overall, I guess I proved to people I've still got it.''

The "proof'' is in the contract.

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No. 1-1

how about trying jaylon Smith as a edge or stand up pass rusher in odd man defensive fronts?