How Many Cowboys Make NFC East All-Preseason Team Offense?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - We plow forward on the hope that there will be an NFL season this year, and Dallas Cowboys fans plow forward on the hope that "America's Team'' and its star-studded offense will be enough to capture the NFC East title in 2020.

The gang at EagleMaven adds some fuel to the Cowboys' fire - and some fodder for debate as well - with our All-NFC East Preseason Team ... starting with the offense.

One player at each position ... and controversy out of the gate, as the Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz gets the QB nod over Dak Prescott. The reasoning?

"Dallas fans will certainly perceive this to be a slight to their guy, Dak Prescott, especially when you compare the numbers of the two top QBs in the division.

"The belief here, however, is that Wentz has only scratched the surface of the numbers he is capable of putting up, and the older he gets - he’s still just 27 – the more comfortable he appears in taking leadership of the players around him.''

Cowboys fans will be happier elsewhere. Running back Ezekiel Elliott makes the cut, as does wide receiver Amari Cooper. And a pair of offensive linemen, Tyron Smith and Zack Martin, do as well.

In total (again, read the entire evaluation here), the Cowboys are represented by five offensive players (out of 12) ... and the Eagles are represented by the same. Once we get to the 2020 season and the NFC East battle, that "sixth player'' - and Dak vs. Wentz - might be the deciding factor.