In The Sack: Dak Prescott's Top Reason to Love A Cowboys Return

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Dak Prescott is going to end up having millions of financial reasons to re-up with the Dallas Cowboys. But according to Pro Football Focus, the QB has at least one great on-the-field reason to embrace his return.

PFF's studies note that the Cowboys’ offensive line allowed just eight sacks during the 2019 season, which was the best in the NFL.

That doesn't mean the team didn't get sacked; in fact, Prescott was sacked 23 times. But the PFF film study says that the other sacks were not the "fault'' of the offensive line.

The overall improvement in this department of the O-line from previous years is worth noting, too. In 2018, for instance, the Cowboys allowed a sickening total of 56 sacks.

Indeed, when the Joneses were making the case inside The Star for the retention of O-line coach Marc Colombo, the young assistant who gets at least some of the credit for this upgrade, these numbers were among the key points.

In the end, new coach Mike McCarthy passed over Colombo for Joe Philbin, the old hand who takes over the O-line as Colombo moves to a job with the New York Giants as their offensive line coach. Fortunately for the Cowboys, though, the most key pieces remain in place: Left tackle Tyron Smith, left guard Connor Williams, center Travis Frederick, right guard Zack Martin and right tackle La'el Collins. ... all protectors of Dak Prescott, all contributors to the big contract that he will eventually sign.

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