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‘It’s Your Fault!’ Jerry ‘Blames’ McCarthy Staff - But Not How Critics Think

‘It’s Your Fault!’ Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones ‘Blames’ Mike McCarthy Staff - But Not How Critics Think
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FRISCO - We’ve always suspected that sometimes, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones uses his penchant for “Little Rock Salesman Word Salad” as a clever weapon to stir things up before getting to the punchline.

And we believe that’s what he’s just done while answering questions about the job security and possible contract extension of head coach Mike McCarthy. … tossing into the conversation that includes an eyebrow-raising “It’s your fault!” charge at his coaching staff.

Wait. Jones said what?! Hey, see how this “storytelling-by-Word Salad” works?

A simple “yes” would do. And short of etching that offseason contract in stone ahead of these playoffs - for what would be the advantage in that, as McCarthy has one more year on his existing deal? - Jones telling 105.3 that McCarthy has been “outstanding” would also do.

But Jerry Jones took another winding verbal truth to his position on McCarthy.

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"He’s coached three playoff teams in a row,” Jones said of McCarthy, as Dallas is this year again playoff-bound. “He’s done an outstanding job.”

And …?

“I frankly said to the staff yesterday, ‘You got us in this spot to be as disappointed as we are about the Buffalo game. It’s your fault because y’all have done such a great job this year getting our team to have the expectations that we have.”

See? Had Cowboys Nation on the edge of its silver-and-blue seat for a moment there, didn’t he?

McCarthy and staff have in the last three years gone 34-14 - “outstanding”by most any measure, even as a Super Bowl remains elusive.

Barring some unforeseeable football disaster, and despite the weirdo “hot seat” naysayers who started calling for McCarthy’s head almost before he could find his office here at The Star, Jones plans to reward and retain his coach.

Said Jerry, with unusual clarity that finishes the entertaining take: “Part of the best part of our team this year has been the coaching staff.”

The end.