VIDEO: Jason Garrett's Biggest Cowboys Regret? The Day He 'Burned' Deion Sanders

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Regrets? In a 30-year career in pro football, Jason Garrett's had a few. But his biggest? The Dallas Cowboys coach tells the tale of The Day He 'Burned' Deion Sanders.

Deion is of course the greatest cover corner in NFL history, as he demonstrated as a member of the 90's Cowboys. His teammate and pal Garrett was largely a third-string QB on those teams. Their opportunities to joust came daily on the practice field at Valley Ranch, with Deion playing corner, and Garrett ... serving as a body on the scout team, usually playing wide receiver. 

Yes, it's one of RedBall's "three-lemonade stories,'' and we've got it here, in this Fish Report Video.