Cowboys 'Energizer Bunny': New Pass-Rusher Contract Breakdown

“He’s our Energizer Bunny,” said his Jets head coach. And how the plan is for him to energize the Dallas defense
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys have long-valued the edge-rusher - lots of them, in fact, in volume, especially one with certain "traits.'' Length. Bend. And a certain "electricity'' about the way they play.

Tarell Basham's former NFL coach believe he fits the mold.

“He’s our Energizer Bunny,” said Jets head coach Adam Gase back when both were with New York. And how the plan is for him to energize the Dallas defense.

How much is Dallas' "electricity bill'' here?

Basham’s deal was originally reported as being for two years and worth $6.5 million. The two years is correct. As is the norm when numbers are given to the media by agents, the $6.5 million is a bit bloated.

Basham's deal, according to a source, actually features a $2.5 million signing bonus and base salaries of $1.25 million (guaranteed in 2021) and $1.75 million (in 2022, but not guaranteed).

So his guaranteed money totals $3.75 million. Add his second year and he figures to make $5.5 million.

Where does the "missing million'' come in? There is another $500,000 available over the two years based on play time, sacks and making the playoffs, and another $500,000 available for workout attendance bonuses.

It is Dallas' hope that Basham can compete for a starting job with Randy Gregory opposite DeMarcus Lawrence, giving the Cowboys a trio of dynamic defensive ends. And he has done some of that.

Basham was a 2017 third-round Colts pick out of Youngstown State, where he holds the school record for sacks. He was later claimed by the Jets, subsequently claimed by the Jets. Last year as a part-time starter, the ... had 3.5 sacks.

The Cowboys want him to add bulk to his 6-4, 266-pound frame as he changes from his role in New York to his role in Dallas. But one thing they are paying him to not change: His hoped-for ability to "energize.''

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