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WATCH: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Visit South Korea Military Bases

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders teamed up with the USO to bring joy to service members, visiting four military bases across South Korea.

FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders teamed up with the USO to bring joy to service members, visiting four military bases across South Korea in late February: Camp Walker, Camp Humphreys, Camp Casey and Camp Bonifas.

In addition to performing, the DCC hosted a youth cheer clinic and meet and greets with service members and families. This year marked the 85th tour in which the Cowboys cheerleaders have joined forces with the USO, the leading nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the well-being of the people serving in America's military and their families.

The success of DCC is undeniable. "America's Sweethearts" are an international brand, so much so that the star-spangled uniform hangs in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. 

Photos of the cheerleaders performing "Thunderstruck" at the base camp, eating with the service members and signing autographs are below, courtesy of the Cowboys. 

“We are excited to continue the 44-year partnership with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders touring South Korea, the site of the first Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tour in 1979,” said Jennifer Wahlquist, Vice President of the USO’s Global Entertainment Division. “This tour allows us to show those on the front lines of freedom how much their service and sacrifice means to us back home. We are honored to be able to help strengthen the well-being of those serving in our military and their families in Korea where service members are either separated from their families, or, if accompanied, are a long way from home.

“The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is proud to partner with the USO to support those in America’s military and their families wherever they are deployed,” said Shelly Roper-McCaslin, Special Projects Coordinator and Tour Manager for the DCC. “The heartfelt efforts to remind those who serve, how much we value the crucial work that keeps us free and safe and to bring a piece of home to them, have been an important part of our organization’s history.”

Next up for the Dallas Cowboys football team is NFL Free Agency as the league new year officially begins on March 13th. Dallas is set to have 16 players enter free agency. The Cowboys did not franchise tag any players this year, meaning there is a lot to get done. The legal tampering period opens at 12 p.m. ET on Monday.