LOOK INSIDE: Cowboys March to the Locker Room After Dominating Eagles

Mike Fisher

ARLINGTON - The Dallas Cowboys expended plenty of energy in capturing their 37-10 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night ... and then expended a bit more in their triumphant march into their home locker room here at AT&T Stadium.

You can hear All-Pro right guard Zack Martin celebrating with a few expletives once he passes through the entry way to the locker room and you can see assorted Cowboys is various states of glee and various states of calm and various states of exhaustion.

The bye week comes at a good time for 4-3 Dallas (in the NFL, of course, the bye week pretty much always comes at a good time) as the Cowboys can heal from some wounds and enjoy their calm and their glee as they are 4-3 and now sit atop the NFC East.