LISTEN: 'Jerry Jones and Bill Belichick Walk into a Ski Resort ...'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO — Few people can spin a yarn the way Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can spin a yard. So when Jerry tells the take of a chance visit in the 1990s at a ski resort with none other than Bill Belichick — legendary coach of the New England Patriots team that plays host to Dallas this Sunday — we listen.

Belichick had just been let go in Cleveland (as Art Modell was moving the franchise to Baltimore) as Jerry explains it, so that would make this sometime shortly after late February 1996.

Jerry says Belichick nudged him from behind while in line and said, "I can coach. If you ever get an opportunity, don’t forget about me."

Just a month earlier, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl, with Barry Switzer in his second year as head coach. Switzer stayed with Dallas through the 1997 season, by which time Belichick was reunited with mentor Bill Parcells and was on the fast track to becoming the boss in New England, where he's become a legend, with six Super Bowl titles to his credit.

“I’ve thought about that many times," Jones reflected on 105.3 The Fan as the 6-4 Cowboys are set to play at 9-1 New England on Sunday. "You never know where you can find a great coach. You can find them in a ski checkout line sometimes.”