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Source: Jets Have Talked Trade With Jamal Adams, But Not Yet With Cowboys

Source: While The New York Jets Have Talked to Jamal Adams About Trading Him, They Have Not Called The Dallas Cowboys
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FRISCO - The New York Jets have discussed a trade of Jamal Adams - and have done so with Adams himself - but have yet to touch base with the Dallas Cowboys regarding such a swap.

The All-Pro safety Adams, 24 and a DFW native, is frustrated with the Jets due to their unwillingness to grant him a contract extension. One rumor has it that Jets GM Joe Douglas has suggested to Adams that he'd like to measure the player's "all-in'' commitment before upgrading his deal - an approach that likely enraged Adams.

The tensions are high, Adams' love for his hometown Cowboys is real, and we're told that the Jets are displeased in the leak that led to former Cowboys star Michael Irvin, now of NFL Network, reporting their willingness to trade Adams for a first- and third-round draft pick.

A source from inside The Star in Frisco tells that while Dallas has long-admired Adams' talents - and that while Dallas has made trade offers for him in the past - there has been no "serious'' contact on the subject between the two teams. It's essentially an unwillingness to "go there'' (at least at this moment.)

Adams is eligible for a new contract (and maybe seeks "highest-paid safety'' status, meaning almost $15 million annually), but the sixth-overall player taken in the 2017 NFL Draft does have two years left on his existing deal (at $3.5 million this year and $9.9 million in 2021).

The Jets have contractual control here ... but as first noted by New York-based reporter Gary Myers, they also have a face-to-face problem with their best player. Amid speculation that Dallas is involved, this remains for a moment a Jets-and-Adams problem ... with Adams and his circle the driving force in working to get the Cowboys involved.