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Stefon Diggs Trade Rumor With Cowboys? 'More Bull**** Than Ever!' - Source

Stefon Diggs Trade Rumor With Dallas Cowboys And Buffalo Bills? 'More Bull**** Than Ever!' - Source
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FRISCO - Stefon Diggs cannot keep from making noise - or from making up drama. His track record establishes that it is simply in his nature.

Some Dallas Cowboys folks, including Stefon's own brother, Dallas star cornerback Trevon Diggs, cannot keep from seeing an "America's Team'' connection.

But today? The rumors are, as one source close to the situation puts it to, "More bull*** than ever!''


The latest in the ongoing saga with the Buffalo Bills receiver? On Friday, Diggs posted that he's "Ready for whatever.'' Pair that with his recent vague answer when speaking about his future with the Bills ... and we've got ourselves rumor traction.

"I don't know," Diggs said when asked if he'll be with Buffalo next season. "I feel like as far as with the money and all that type of stuff, I can't control none of that. It's a long offseason in front of me. As far as what the future holds, I don't have any surprises for you right now."

Ah, the money. As we've calculated it, trading Diggs would cause Buffalo to incur a "punishment'' of $31 million in dead money against the 2024 cap. That's if he's moved before June 1 (which is the only way Buffalo could get draft picks in exchange for a trade.)

If they move him after June 1, the dead cap hit dips to $8.84 million in 2024 and the Bills would save $19 million on the cap, but because the piper must always be paid, there would be a $22.2 million dead cap hit in 2025.

That's why the Bills will continue to resist moving him, no matter how much he squawks. That's "bull***'' enough. But there's more ...

His salary is for 2024, as he's age 31, is $28 million. And there are three more years on his deal after that, at about $26 million per season.

Was Dallas ever going to take that on for a gifted-but-fading talent who finished the year with 107 catches for 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns but dipped late, as is in the final eight games of the regular season he caught 37 passes for 349 yards and one touchdown? Nah.

(By the way, this weekend Diggs' $18.5 million salary for 2024 becomes fully guaranteed. Some see this as a "controversial'' decision. Given the financial ramifications we demonstrate above, we don't see how Buffalo would do anything but lock him in there.)

And now that the Cowboys are showing their hands a bit at a possible long-term plan (all of these one-year, lame-duck contracts suggesting a "Blow It Up'' rebuild after 2024)? They are even less likely to even consider a move to unite Diggs with his brother ... no matter how much Trevon wants it and no matter how much Stefon wants ... whatever.

That's why a long-standing "probably not'' regarding Diggs and Dallas just decelerated into a "More Bull**** Than Ever!'' reality.