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Cowboys Ex Explains Bill Belichick: 'Too Old To Dance in the Nightclub!' - FISH PODCAST

Dallas Cowboys Ex Explains Bill Belichick Problem: 'Too Old To Dance in the Nightclub!' - ESPN's Marcus Spears; FISH PODCAST
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FRISCO - Right now, the NFL bouncer isn't allowing Bill Belichick to pass through the velvet rope and into the chic nightclub.

That - for former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears, now on ESPN - is the parallel he finds useful to explain why Belichick can't get a job.

"You know what it is? It's when it's time to stop going to the club,'' Spears said. "You get to the club and you're 40 and you're looking around and you're like 'What the hell are these young kids doing? I can't believe I acted like that one day.''


In other words, at age 71, Belichick is no longer in tune with what the NFL is, what the NFL does, what NFL players are.

That argument has ever more validity when we examine the Patriots' league-worst offense in 2023, and more still when we ponder how Belichick's teams fell off a cliff after Tom Brady's retirement.

Still there are those who continue to push for Belichick, age 71, to get a job NOW, like, if Kansas City's Andy Reid suddenly retired. Or for Belichick to get a job in Dallas ... in February of 2025, which to us - as we discuss in the Fish Podcast and the Fish Report, seems like a preposterous stretch.