Cowboys Paid Others Before Dak; ‘Disrespect’?

Did the Cowboys 'disrespect' Dak by paying some of his teammates first? Blitzcast
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FRISCO - It’s been theorized that Dak Prescott should somehow feel “disrespected” due to the contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys dragging on as they have - especially as he’s spent the last two seasons watching teammates like Ezekiel Elliott and Demarcus Lawrence and La'el Collins and Jaylon Smith get paid.

Is "disrespect'' real in play? And if so, how do the Cowboys push that obstacle off the table?

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Have the Cowboys disrespected Dak with their contract offers? Or by signing other players before him? Meanwhile, Fish reports that the Cowboys really want to bring back Gerald McCoy. Where would he fit in coordinator Dan Quinn’s new scheme? Can he be productive at 33? And, of course, the NFL Draft is around the corner so we’ll again visit the No. 10 pick conversation for the Cowboys. We have narrowed down the Cowboys’ needs to two position groups. We’ll try and decide which one is more important, and which player, if available at 10, would help the Cowboys the most.

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