Watch: Ryan Fitzpatrick talks family

Dolphins quarterback talks about the support from his wife during the season

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has played and started for an NFL record eight teams. He also has seven kids. Sometimes over the course of the regular season, the reporters will run out of things to ask Fitzpatrick during his weekly press conference and ask him about his family. Usually it comes with a humorous tidbit like his kids starting him on their fantasy football team. This time he was asked about the support of his wife and the job she does taking care of the house during the season when he is away with his football team. It's stories like this that humanize players in an otherwise cold business. 

The Dolphins take on the New York Jets on Sunday. Both teams have a single win between the two of them this season. A couple years ago, current Jets head coach Adam Gase was the Dolphins coach and Fitzpatrick was the Jets quarterback.