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Dolphins Camp Day 7: McDaniel Highlights

Checking out the key points of Mike McDaniel's media session before Miami Dolphins practice at the Baptist Health Training Complex

Head coach Mike McDaniel addressed the media before the Miami Dolphins headed out to practice at the Baptist Health Training Complex on Tuesday morning.

Here were the highlights from McDaniel's press conference:

-- First question deals with Michael Deiter's injury, and McDaniel says there's no concern right now about his status for the start of the regular season.

--  Regarding his philosophy in dealing with players who tweet about wanting an opportunity, like Preston Williams did Monday night, McDaniel says his priority is the best needs of the football team. Says he and wide receivers coach Wes Welker want to maximize opportunities for every player.

-- Asked about Erik Ezukanma, McDaniel talks about the challenges of any rookie coming into the league, such as facing grown men who have been doing it for a while. "That's a lot of ground to make up." Says biggest focus for rookies is not making the same mistake twice and always getting better. Specific to Ezukanma, he says he's been happy with his progress.

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-- Pads are coming on for practice Tuesday, and McDaniel says the big thing here is to practice the right way without them so that there isn't a big difference with them. He says he does help evaluate the run game.

-- There was a concerted effort from the coaching staff in the offseason to prove players with a vision of what they could be at a different weight, and McDaniel gives his players credit for taking that to heart. In the last few days, Raekwon Davis and Austin Jackson have talked about their weight loss.

-- In light of the announcement of plans to celebrate the 1972 perfect Dolphins, McDaniel is asked what he knows about that team and says "it's kind of the narrative" and "it carries annual credence" because it's mentioned every year when the last undefeated team loses. "It's something that we should be proud of as a team."

-- McDaniel indicates he never had the chance to cross paths with Don Shula.

-- McDaniel compares trying to scheme things with Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill to somebody who owns three yachts and has to decide which one to use. "You don't need to shed a tear for our speed problem with our decisions."

-- Asked about Tua Tagovailoa's bomb to Hill at practice Saturday, McDaniel says, "That's not the first time and it won't be the last that they connect like that." Says the best part was Tua throwing it at the exact right time.

-- Hill entered into the 23-mph range at practice, something McDaniel says you don't see often.