More Reasons Pitts Makes Sense for Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of reasons why they should select tight end Kyle Pitts if they have the chance
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The Miami Dolphins will have their choice of a big-time playmaker with the sixth overall selection in the 2021 NFL draft, but the more we analyze everything, the stronger the case for Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

Beyond the already-established point that Pitts is more than a tight end and more than one report suggesting scouts consider him the best prospect in the draft outside of Trevor Lawrence (and, in some cases, even ahead of Lawrence) are a couple of important factors that need to be pointed out.

One, of course, is that adding a potentially all-world defender might be the best for Tua Tagovailoa because what the Dolphins quarterback's best attribute always has been and continues to be accuracy in the short to intermediate range.

So while adding a deep threat like Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith certainly would help, the biggest benefit for Tagovailoa would be more of a shorter-range target in the passing game.

And then there's this: The George Godsey factor.

He was the Dolphins tight ends coach the past two seasons, but now has added the duties of co-offensive coordinator to his resume and one has to think he'd like the idea of having Pitts join Mike Gesicki in the passing game.

Oh, and it's not like Godsey hasn't seen what that kind of combination can do for an offense.

Godsey's first job in the NFL was in 2011 when he was an offensive assistant with the New England Patriots, who abused defenses with the combination of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Godsey then served two seasons as Patriots tight ends coach, though Hernandez wasn't there in 2013 as the result of his arrest on murder charges.

Again, one has to think Godsey wouldn't need any convincing regarding the idea of bringing in Pitts. In fact, it's easier to see him trying to push for Pitts.

As a last point, if we're talking value, Pitts would represent just that at 6 because of his potential. And he's also so far ahead of the other tight end prospects in the draft that the Dolphins couldn't get anybody in the same ballpark if they pass on him (given the chance obviously), whereas they absolutely could get a wide receiver comparable to the top guys at 18 if they chose to go that route.

So, yes, we're absolutely advocating for the Dolphins to take Pitts at 6 if they have the chance.

The case grows stronger every day.