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Brian Flores October 25 Takeaways

The Miami Dolphins head coach looked back on the Dolphins' 30-28 loss against the Atlanta Falcons and touched on other team-related topics

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores conducted his usual day-after-the-game media session Monday in the aftermath of Miami's 30-28 loss against the Atlanta Falcons at Hard Rock Stadium.

Here were the highlights of that media session:

-- First question is about the three players who left the Atlanta game with injuries, and Brian Flores says to expect both Jason McCourty (foot) and Malcolm Brown (calf) to go on IR. Jerome Baker is day-to-day.

-- Michael Deiter is eligible to come off IR, but Flores says the center isn't quite ready yet to return.

-- The Dolphins have lost three games this season on last-play field goals, but Flores says it's a resilient group. Flores comes back to the idea of there being a small margin for error.

-- Flores and Tua both talked Sunday about having conversations regarding the outside noise involving the Deshaun Watson talk, and Flores says Tua has been locked in. Says he's played well, though not perfect. "He's in a good frame of mind."

-- Will Fuller V is doing everything he can to get back, but Flores says he doesn't anticipate it being this week.

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-- The Dolphins are picking up Sheldrick Redwine off the Carolina practice squad, and Flores says the Dolphins liked him when he came into the draft.

-- Tua is getting better every time he steps on the field, pushing the ball down the field more, Flores says. "He's a young player. Everyone develops at a little bit different pace, but I think he's doing some good things."

-- In terms of Tua's development, Flores says it's been an unusual year and a half since he arrived. Likes what he's done the past two games and says Tua is headed in the right direction.

-- Fuller hasn't been spotted at practice by the media since he's been injured, but Flores says he's been around but does most of his rehab work during practice.

-- Regarding the issues with the third-down defense, Flores points out to execution and communication.

-- Sam Eguavoen handled the defensive calls with Baker out of the lineup.

-- The Dolphins would like to re-sign Reid Sinnett to the practice squad if he clears waivers Monday.

-- Regarding Tua's interception in the end zone, Flores points out there's a fine line between being aggressive and taking unnecessary risks. Flores says there was miscommunication on the play and points out there were other spots Tua could have gone with the ball on that play.