Flores Send Out Support for James White

Alain Poupart

After talking about the Miami Dolphins' Week 2 loss against the Buffalo Bills and their upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, head coach Brian Flores delivered a message of support and condolences to New England Patriots running back James White.

On Sunday, White's parents were involved in a car accident in South Florida that took the life of his father, Tyrone, and left his mother, Lisa, in critical condition.

Flores and White were together in New England for five years (2014-18).

“His father is an incredible person who did a lot for a lot of young people in South Florida," Flores said. "James, (Cincinnati Bengals running back) Gio Bernard, along with a lot of other guys … It’s a big loss. I mean, you guys can write about all you want from a Dolphins standpoint, but I would just take a look at what his father, Tyrone, did for a lot of young kids in South Florida. Just want to send my condolences to James White and his family.

"I know he’s on the Patriots and everybody … we compete against those guys, but we’re a football family in the National Football League and I just want him to know he has our support. We’re praying for his mom right now. His dad was truly a great, great, great man who did a lot for a lot of people. I think people need to know about that.”

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