Brian Flores September 20 Takeaways

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores looked back on the Dolphins' 35-0 loss against the Buffalo Bills and touched on other team-related topics
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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores conducted his usual day-after-the-game media session Monday in the aftermath of Miami's 35-0 loss against the Buffalo Bills at Hard Rock Stadium.

Here were the highlights of that media session:

-- Regarding the NFL Network about Tua Tagovailoa having suffered only bruised ribs, Flores says the team is still running some tests. "We'll call him day-to-day."

-- Will Fuller V was in the building Monday and Flores says he expects him to be back this week.

-- Regarding the offensive line and contemplating potential changes, Flores says it was communication, fundamentals and techique that were issues. Flores says the team will take a look at personnel and contemplate whether to make any lineup changes.

-- There were some missed hot routes during the game, communication issues and fundamental issues that led to all the pressure on the quarterbacks. "We've got to do a better job at all positions."

-- Asked about Tua's toughness, Flores doesn't hesitate to call him a "tough kid." Said he tried to go against the Bills after the injury.

-- Quarterbacks with rib injuries often wear flak jackets, so Flores was asked about that possibility for Tua. "That's something that we would look into."

-- "We have some opportunities early and we didn't take advantage, and it kind of snowballed on us."

-- In terms of Tua coming back and playing behind the offensive line coming off such a poor performance, Flores says he's confident the necessary adjustments and improvement will be made. Flores says the O-line won't play a role on whether Tua will play Sunday.

-- Early indications are promising in regards to the injuries to Jesse Davis and Jakeem Grant. Hopefully we'll see him out there on Wednesday.

-- Flores calls it the coaches' responsibility to protect a player from himself if he says he's ready when he's really not.

-- Regarding Eric Rowe's decreased snaps on defense against Buffalo, Flores says it came down to defensive packages. "Rowe is a big part of our defense. He's played well. But we played a little bit different yesterday. Could be very different this week."

-- Austin Jackson has got to play better, Flores says emphatically, but he's not the only one.