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McDaniel OTA Takeaways From May 24

The highlights from Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel's media session prior to the team's OTA at the Baptist Health Training Complex

Before the Miami Dolphins took the field at the Baptist Health Training Complex for their second OTA of the week, head coach Mike McDaniel spoke to reporters.

Here were the highlights of that media session:

-- Now that the signing of Melvin Ingram is official, McDaniel can comment on his addition and mentions his experience. Talks about how everybody in the organization liked the idea of adding him, particularly because of what he could bring to his younger teammates.

-- The idea of the orange practice jersey was brought up by assistant head coach/tight ends coach Jon Embree, and McDaniel joked that it came about as finding a way to test different player's DJ'ing skills.

-- McDaniel follows up by joking by Jaelan Phillips took some flak for his musical selections after winning the daily practice award.

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-- Tua Tagovailoa earned the orange jersey for a practice last week, and McDaniel says, "He's attacking the moment." Praises Tua's instinctiveness. "You can tell he's played the position a long time." Says he's very excited about his development.

-- McDaniel says a big objective of the OTAs is establishing a standard, one to which the player will hold themselves moving forward.

-- Connor Williams has played center in past preseason games and McDaniel says there's no better way for him to learn the offense than by starting him off at that spot in the offseason program.

-- Tua came in sick Tuesday and was sent home by the training staff. It's not COVID related.