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Mike McDaniel November 23 Takeaways

Checking out the key points of Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel's media session at the Baptist Health Training Complex

Head coach Mike McDaniel addressed the media before the Miami Dolphins practiced at the Baptist Health Training Complex on Wednesday.

Here were the highlights from McDaniel's press conference:

-- The first question deals with the mechanics of the relationship between McDaniel and GM Chris Grier when it comes to signing players, and McDaniel says there's a lot of trust between the two. Adds there's no steadfast procedure, but it's assume they're always on the same page. If there's any doubt, then the two have a discussion. Kind of how every organization should operate, really.

-- As a follow-up, McDaniel explains that player acquisitions are a total team effort in that everybody has some input.




-- Reflecting on his first interview with GM Chris Grier, he said, "Chris is a natural GM." Said he felt his first Zoom interview went well when the Dolphins scheduled a second one. Makes sense, right? Indicates that Grier laughed when he inserted jokes or humor during his Zoom interview.

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-- After joking this was the very first press conference where the first question wasn't about injuries, McDaniel says he feels very confident that Xavien Howard and Trent Sherfield will be able to help the Dolphins against the Texans. That question came because Howard and Sherfield did some work on the side Monday, but nothing we observed from our vantage point indicated there would be an issue with either.

-- The issue of won-loss record comes up, and McDaniel says folks don't realize how difficult it is to play quarterback in the NFL. Makes the point that "compounding variables" can affect the narrative. As we've said many times here, won-loss record absolutely should be considered when discussing the value of a quarterback, but this notion that it's an end-all, be-all is ridiculous. And as evidence, we'd offer Zach Wilson, who has a 5-2 record as a starter this year but is getting benched by the New York Jets. McDaniel makes the correct point that quarterbacks don't win or lose games, but that they can have a major impact. Thank you, Mike.

-- McDaniel is asked point blank whether he wants to reveal his plans for Austin Jackson this week, and not surprisingly he declines. McDaniel cites the old "competitive advantage" reason, but for the record, there are a lot of coaches in the NFL who would have zero issue revealing that information.

-- On the eve of Thanksgiving, McDaniel is asked what he's most thankful for and he starts with his wife and daughter. McDaniel warns before answering that he might get emotional. Then mentions everything that's happened in his life to get him to this point of having the opportunity he has with the Dolphins. Adds everybody who helps him do his job.

-- The session ends with McDaniel asked to give his Thanksgiving dish power rankings, and he starts with mashed potatoes and gravy and then McDaniel says he's more ham than turkey. Adds corn on the cob.

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