Dolphins Hit the Field

Alain Poupart

As this strange offseason continues, the Miami Dolphins and the other teams around the NFL took another step in their preparation Monday when they hit the field for the start of the acclimation period.

This next phase will consist of nine days of strength and conditioning, along with walk-throughs.

Under the guidelines of the acclimation period, players will spend 60 minutes in the weight room and 60 minutes for on-field conditioning, and only strength and conditioning coaches will be allowed for the conditioning work.

Teams will be permitted to walk-throughs up to 60 minutes in the first four days and up to 75 minutes in the final four days.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores addressed what he's seen from his players in terms of conditioning since they reported to camp.

"Well, the first week’s been good," Flores said during a Zoom media session Monday morning. "The acclimation period that the league and the PA (NFL Players Association) agreed to, I think it kind of shows how important the offseason is just from a rep standpoint on the field, but also from a strength and conditioning standpoint. I think guys are in OK shape. We’ve got a long way to go, but they’re working. They’re working pretty diligently and I’ve seen already some improvement in the first week and I’m sure they’ll continue to improve; but the offseason is obviously very important and I think the players, they understand that, too, which is why they asked for this (and) the league and the PA agreed to the acclimation period.”

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