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Dolphins Wednesday Mailbag: Gesicki, X, Ogbah, Doaks, O-line Targets, and More

Tackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, from the coaching search to free agency to fixing the offensive line

From E-Rod (@phinfan2003):

When they announce our next HC, can you ask Grier what makes him think it’ll work collaboratively this time as opposed to when he handpicked Flores?

Hey E-Rod, who handpicked Flores? Grier? Yeah, not how it worked. It was a group search that involved not only Grier, but also Stephen Ross and Tom Garfinkel. And there’s no reason to think it’ll be any different this time around. And after Ross’ comments the day of Flores’ firings, you absolutely can believe that the new head coach will be somebody Grier believes can work in tandem with him.

From Jon Rambo (@thejonrambo80):

While we figure that whoever is named head coach will inherit Tua as their QB next season, how much say do you think they will have in the future of Gesicki and X?

Hey Jon, if we’re buying Ross’ comments about stressing collaboration and communication, it certainly would figure that the new head coach at least would have his voice heard when it comes to what to do with Gesicki and Howard moving forward.

From Mark Fischler (@FischlerMark):

Hello Alain, thank you as always for your great insights and coverage. Could one rightly argue that Grier's offensive line choices are not necessarily duds if coached by a high-end coach with consistent (and good) technique season to season? Happy New Year to you and your family!

Hey Mark, first off, thanks and Happy New Year to you as well. And I absolutely agree with you that the issues on the offensive line are not strictly about personnel choices. How much of it is development and coaching, I’m not sure, but I refuse to believe that every single draft pick they’ve used on offensive linemen has been a bust.

From Cliff Wagner (@HerePromotions):

Surprised Merritt didn't sign futures. And CBS and others reported Doaks signed, but he's not listed on the Fins site - so he's a lost draft pick to FA?

Hey Cliff, I’m a little surprised that Merritt wasn’t signed, either, because there’s really very, very little commitment involved in futures contract. Maybe there was something behind the scenes the Dolphins didn’t like about him, I don’t know. But he did show promise in camp last summer and in the preseason. As for Doaks, the Dolphins officially announced his signing to a future contract Thursday morning, which was more than a week after the first round of future contract signings was announced. As always, I would caution against expecting too much from players signed to future contracts. As I pointed out in the Thursday notebook, the Dolphins got a combined four regular season appearances out of the 15 players they signed to future contract in January 2021.

From Herman Cueva Zuniga (@hermancueva7):

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Team saying Tua will be the starting QB for the 2022 season. You think the team is spending big bucs on FA to reconstruct the OL or would you draft couple with high picks? Thanks Alain!

Hi Herman, first off, let me clarify that the team never publicly said anything about Tua being the 2022 starter; that was just a national report from sources. But let’s assume he indeed will be the starter in 2022, if I had to guess between free agency or the draft to pick one or two starting-caliber players, I’d say it’s time to look to free agency and also hope the recent draft picks can develop and start fulfilling their potential.

From rob hellebrand (@dolfanrob1):

I’m watching the 2012 games on game pass. Why did the Dolphins always telegraph their plays by calling Go! Go! for run plays and Go! for pass plays? They try some mild fakes behind the line, but this cadence was clockwork. No commentators say anything though about the tip-off.

Hey Rob, man, we’re going back a decade ago. I barely remember what happened last week, let alone the 2012 season. LOL. It certainly would be odd for any offense to telegraph things that badly, but I honestly don’t remember something that glaring happening and you’ll have to forgive me but I’m not going to go back to watching those games.

From J Soto (@dolphin_4life):

Do you think both Ogbah and Gesicki will test the FA market ?

Hey J, if the question specifically is “both,” I’m going to go ahead and predict that, no, because I think at least one of them will be re-signed before the start of the new league year March 16. And at this point I’d prioritize Ogbah over Gesicki.

From CZHikingdude (@pancanfinfan1):

What is the most common important things potential coaches look for in a organization?

Hi CZ, this is a pretty clear-cut deal. What potential coaches with leverage will want, almost invariably, is a stable organization, some or all the say in personnel decisions and a good quarterback situation. Beyond that, of course coaches want a situation where they’re in a position to be able to win sooner rather than later.

From Chris Hyer, Ed.D. (Chrishyer31):

Who should be the top FA OL targets?

Hey Chris, man, this question comes up ALL THE TIME and it’s difficult to answer because you don’t know who’s going to be on the market. It also depends how much you’re willing to spend. Having said all that, the big names certainly include Brandon Scherff, Orlando Brown, Andrew Norwell, Ryan Jensen, Trent Brown, maybe Eric Fisher. But understand that some of the top pending UFAs will be taken off the market before the league year. I also could throw Terron Armstead in there, but he has to be checked out physically because he’s had a lot of injury issues in recent years.