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Dolphins Wednesday Mailbag: Coaching Search, Offseason Wish List, Game Plan, and More

Tackling the various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, from Jim Harbaugh to trading for Alvin Kamara

Part 1 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag features, obviously, several questions related to the coaching search but touches on other topics as well.

Here we go:

From jorge boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, today i found out we have 3 Dolphins players in the all rookie team and we have other young players like Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, Zack Sieler, Van Ginkel and even Robert Hunt among others; does that mean we might be going in the right direction?

Hey Jorge, not sure it means that, but it does mean the Dolphins do have some young talented players around whom to build. But I’m not sure we can say they’re going in the right direction until there’s a clear long-term answer at quarterback (and, sorry, but there just isn’t right now).

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

After watching the game between KC and Buff we see how far we are away . Do you think the key is to add playmakers to the O and surround Tua with weapons as our D should be able to compete with either team?

Hey Reza, here’s the thing, do we really think this defense is ready to compete with BUF and KC. Evidence says no because we can look back at the 2020 KC game (30-10 after three quarters) and the second half of the 2021 game at BUF when the Bills scored 23 points. So I do think there’s one or two pieces missing on defense, but the offense absolutely needs the most improvement.

From Vitamin T (@jtagave):

Alain, is there one head coaching candidate you definitely don’t want the Fins to hire?

Hey T, easy answer here: Urban Meyer. If we’re talking about the seven candidates who have been identified, the one who least excites me is Thomas Brown, and that’s strictly because he’s got such limited NFL experience as a coach.

From Ricardo Hernandez (@Ricardo96451182):

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Hello, Alain. Assuming the Dolphins pick 30th, would you know the standard draft compensation it would take for team to move from that position to their original pick’s 15th slot?

Based on the old Jimmy Johnson draft value chart, you’re looking at having to give up a mid-second-round pick or a 3, two 4s and a 5.


Hi Alain. Are you a bit surprised that there have been no HC hired yet? Who is the first domino to fall?

Hey Richard, I’m not totally surprised because a couple of teams had GM openings that needed to be filled first. Also, candidates whose teams were in the playoffs couldn’t be hired until their team was eliminated and also remember that the regular season ended one week later this year. And by all appearances, the first domino to fall will be Jacksonville, with the expectation that Byron Leftwich will get that job.

From Jake (@JakeMc945):

How about the Dolphins offer big money to an Offensive Line Coach that can teach? That's what I want. Then trade for Alvin Kamara & sign Michael Gallup & Isaiah McKenzie to run routes with Waddle.

Hey Jake, I’m with you on hiring a big-time O-line coach, even if the Dolphins have to pay for him. While I like Kamara, Gallup and McKenzie, that’s a pricey shopping list there. Can’t imagine the Dolphins also will dive head first into WR free agency after getting burned by the Will Fuller experiment.

From Jeff Golden (@Goldenjeff72):

Bonjour Alain. Can you think of any examples where GM works with a coach, coach gets fired, GM stays, hires a new coach and they have success?

Hey Jeff, that’s quite common and we don’t have to look very far. The Rams will be playing in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday with Sean McVay, who was hired as their head coach in 2017 by GM Les Snead after he worked with Coach Jeff Fisher.

From Ken Dasher (@kdash65):

Hi Alain! As far as you have heard, is there anything to the report that there have been conversations with Harbaugh? And my obligatory prog rock question... Are you a fan of Peter Gabriel's solo stuff?

Hey Ken, I’ll start with the prog rock question first. Absolutely, I like Gabriel’s solo stuff and ironically one of the first songs that played in my car (off my phone) after I saw your question was “Solsbury Hill.” Second, there is very little chance in my mind that Ross and Harbaugh have not spoken about the Dolphins job and it still wouldn’t completely shock me if he ended up being the choice.