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Saturday Dolphins Mailbag: O-line, Hill/Waddle and Their Possibilities, the Best/Worst Picks from 2019-22, and More

Tackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, including the idea of Noah Igbinoghene as a returner, a Solomon Kindley progress report, and other offensive line issues

Part 2 of this week's SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Sean Byrne (@ByrnesBog):

Enough of the QB talk. This offense won’t succeed unless the O-Line is drastically improved. Is there reason to believe a new zone blocking scheme and coaching regime can salvage this personnel? McDaniel said this one of the most athletic lines he’s ever seen …

Hey Sean, I have believed since the end of last season that the Dolphins had some interesting pieces on the line and that those young players could get better with better coaching and development. And then when you mix in the additions of Terron Armstead and Connor Williams, yes, I absolutely believe the offensive line could show significant improvement in 2022, and that includes the returning players.

From NY - Fins Up (@azomback34):

How could anyone think that Tyreek & Waddle could ever come close to being the best WR tandem in Dolphins history? The Marks brothers - Duper & Clayton w/ Dan Marino in an era in which corners could be physical w/WRs… no way? Agree? And hoping cheetah/penguin have a great year! … Just about every team defers if they win the coin toss. I bet Coach McDaniel takes the ball and tries to set the tone with his offense. Thoughts?

Hey there, I can understand the enthusiasm about Tyreek and Waddle because of their great speed and there’s also the recency bias factor, but it’s absolutely premature to anoint them as the greatest WR tandem in team history. That said, though, who’s to say they could never come close to the Marks Brothers? And, yes, who the quarterback is absolutely should be factored into the equation because it obviously was easier to be a productive wide receiver with Marino at quarterback. As for the coin toss question, no, I don’t see the Dolphins taking the ball first just because of McDaniel’s offensive background because it makes more tactical sense to defer and give yourself the possibility of back-to-back possessions at the end of the first half and start of the second.

From Sebastian (@finsfan47):

From the past 3 NFL drafts (2019-2021, not including 2022) for the Dolphins, which was your favorite pick, least favorite pick, one you’re still on the fence on, and one that exceeding your expectations #FinsUp

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Hey Sebastian, that is a very interesting question. I would say right now my favorite pick would be Jevon Holland in the second round in 2021; my least favorite pick would be either Tua or Noah Igbinoghene because the Dolphins could have had Justin Herbert and Jonathan Taylor in those spots; the one I’m still on the fence on is Michael Deiter in the third round in 2019, and the one that’s exceeded my expectations has to be Andrew Van Ginkel, who’s been a very good fifth-round pick.

From Isaias Boffill (@BoffillIsaias):

Hey Alain I wanted to ask, how does Solomon Kindley look? Do you think he can change position to center?

Hey Isaias, I’ll be very honest with you in pointing out why I can’t answer that question very well. We’ve gotten one look at the 2022 Dolphins and that was in the open OTA last week and I didn’t really notice him. I’m also not aware of any previous experience for Kindley at center and he’s not necessarily a great scheme fit to begin with, so I certainly wouldn’t count on him as a center candidate.

From John Kerns (@yitwail):

Will Dolphins sign or trade for a backup or even starting center? Because that seems less risky than moving Connor Williams to center.

Hey John, I would say at this point that all possibilities are on the table, including perhaps signing somebody like a J.C. Tretter at some point. I do imagine the Dolphins are going to keep evaluating all they have on their roster first before making that kind of move.

From Sam C (@FinsPost):

Why is Holland returning punts over Noah when Igbinoghene was a kick returner and track star in Auburn?

Hey Sam, let’s start by clarifying that Noah returned kickoffs at Auburn, not punts. That’s a big difference. So I wouldn’t count on the idea of Igbinoghene being used as a punt returner. That said, I’m not a fan of using either Holland or Jaylen Waddle in that role because they’re too valuable on offense and defense. It’s why I liked the Dolphins having Jakeem Grant on the roster and now maybe the goal is finding a return specialist for 2022.