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Dolphins Mailbag: Landing Big-Name Players, O-line Suggestions, and More

What's the outlook for the reason for the 2021 Dolphins season? What's the solution on offense? What's the mood among the players?

From Jake (@JakeMc945):

Bigger trust level: Team in Flores or Flores in Team? I have been chewing on that question since about 230pm last Sunday.

Hey Jake, that's actually a very good, legitimate question, even though I'd say there's still a high level of trust from both sides. If I have to pick one, I think there's probably more trust from the players in Flores given that the Dolphins absolutely maximized their talent the past two years in terms of their record.

From Vegas Baby (@VegasHerrle):

Has Chris Grier ever heard the quote, "The biggest part of ability is availability"? On a related note, why are Fuller and DVP on this team?

For the record, DeVante Parker has missed exactly two games since the start of the 2019 season. He's also the best wide receiver on the team. As for Fuller, the Dolphins took a shot on a highly talented receiver and gave him only a one-year contract. So while I get the frustration, I'm not sure I'm on board with the Grier-bashing here. Oh, one final thing, don't think for a second that Brian Flores doesn't have a big say in who's on the roster and who's signed or not signed.

From Jorge Paco H (@PacoDolfan):

What's a good performance for the Dolphins in this game?

Hey Jorge, I think we're still at the stage of the season where it's about more than wins and losses for any team, and when it comes to the Dolphins a good performance in this game would mean the offense showing signs of life — and before the fourth quarter.

From Jon Rambo (@thejonrambo80):

With his continued solid performance on special teams why can't Mack Hollins get a chance to contribute as a receiver?

Hey Jon, that is an excellent question, particularly considering how good Hollins looked as a receiver in training camp. Then again, it's not as though there have been that many opportunities for any receiver so far this season.

From Rute (@Rutey17):

Shouldn’t we just blitz Brandon Jones like every play? His quickness and speed would bother Brady all day long.

Hey Rute, I get where you're coming from, but New England had success  against Brady last Sunday night dropping eight in coverage. I like blitzing as much as the next guy and it sounds great in principle, but it's also dangerous against somebody as savvy as Brady.

From mr. mojo risin’ (@dennisgriffin7):

Considering Tampa's defense is one of the best against run and with both Fins corners banged up (which probably means Brady going to score often), do you think Fins will finally abandon the "establish the run" crap from the start of game?

Hey mojo, yeah, don't see the Dolphins trying to "establish the run" in this game for no other reason than teams just don't run against the Bucs.

From jorge boyd (@raga1922):

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Hi Alain, I heard Omar Kelly say that the should move Liam Eichenberg to left Tackle, Robert Hunt to Right Tackle, Austin Jackson to left guard and Jesse Davis to right guard, i have also heard that the Offensive Line needs continuity to develop and tell what is your opinion.

Hey Jorge, my buddy Omar might be on to something there, particularly considering the struggles of Jackson at left tackle. But ... if you do that, that means yet another new starting offensive line and that's not exactly continuity.

From JT (@JeffT32Phins):

If the right offer came along would the team move on and trade DeVante Parker?

Hey JT, I think the key there is "right offer" because I think the Dolphins would trade any player with the right offer. That said, I don't think they'll necessarily be in a hurry to move on from Parker.

From Robert Rosario (@robertro197969):

Love the Expos cap. Do you see us with a winning record this season?

Hey Robert, first off, thanks very much, the cap obviously has major significance for me. As for your question, I think the Dolphins are going to end up somewhere around 8-9 or 9-8.

From Sportyfoot (@Sportyfoot1):

How much time will be left in the 4th quarter when Miami’s offense shows up?

Ha! Good one. I'm of the belief the offense actually will have a much better showing against the Bucs.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

You see teams like GB & Carolina add talent like J.Smith or Gilmore, but Miami refuses to add veterans that are great players rather settling for projects like Little? Why won’t the front office add go veteran players? Wouldn’t have Ingram helped us?

Hey Reza, I wouldn't assume that the Dolphins never pursue big-name players who become available because they did bring in Ingram for a visit — and, yes, he would have helped, though he couldn't have done much for the offense. Understand that it takes two to tango. Smith is from Indiana and played at Notre Dame, plus Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers. Gilmore said Carolina was his choice all along (don't think the Pats would have traded him to Miami regardless) and don't forget he played at South Carolina. So it's not that simple.

From Mark Ricci (@mdricci):

What will it take for the team to move on from Austin Jackson? I know if they move Eichenberg there, then he’s not going to play another snap at LT, but why not put in Little and let A.J. prove his way back as a starter? The Flores supposed way …

Hey Mark, I can't argue with anything you said there. It's pretty clear the Dolphins really want to see Jackson develop and become the guy at LT.

From rob hellebrand (@dolfanrob1):

The mood of Podcasters has been really dark this week. What would you say has been the mood in the locker room since the Colts game? Does it seem like a more pessimistic environment there as well?

Hey Rob, there's no such thing as reporters gauging the mood in the locker room anymore because we're not allowed in there anymore. So, basically, what we're left with is trying to gauge the mood either by what we see in practice for the warmups and individual drills and then the group interviews in controlled settings. Under those circumstances, you practically will NEVER see any player be anything but positive. But as a general statement, players don't get nearly as high after wins or as down after losses as podcasters.