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Post-Round 1 Dolphins Mailbag

Miami Dolphins fans have draft questions and we have draft answers

From richard grosso (@rjgro):

why are some saying WR is still a need? would you think RB, sideline-sideline LB and C the biggest needs right now?

I haven't seen anywhere anybody saying that WR is still a need and that would be absurd, in my opinion. I mean, exactly how many wide receivers do they need? As for biggest needs now, I'd go C, RB, RT, LB in one order or another (pretty close).

From Josh Mains (@jmains15):

With JOK, Jenkins, Williams, Humphrey available... is it safe to say pick 36 will be another homer run! #Finsup

Yeah, I think there are enough good prospects still available with a first-round grade that the Dolphins absolutely should be able to land an impact player, regardless of what position they decide to address. And all four players you mentioned would represent good value.

From Eric Cotton (@DogsBeatHumans):

What is more important in round 2, BPA or RB?

What if the BPA is an RB? That might be the best-case scenario. But, no, I would not take a running back at the cost of bypassing a better player at another position. That's not the right way to build a team, in my eyes.

From Alex Szabo (@AlexSzabo23):

What direction does Miami go with 36? If Owusu from ND is there does Miami take him? Miami get aggressive to get Williams the RB?

Yes? I absolutely can see the Dolphins drafting Owusu-Komaroah and I think Brian Flores would have a lot of fun deploying him in a wide variety of ways. I like Williams a lot and I think he'd be a difference-maker for the offense, but trading up to get him obviously would depend on the cost involved. Between the two, my preference would be Williams.

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From yolli71 (@yolli71):

Is Miami looking to trade X?

Nothing has surfaced suggesting that idea, but that doesn't change the fact that A) Howard saw Byron Jones pass him over in salary last offeason; B) Howard changed agents after the 2020 season; C) Howard is coming off a fabulous year; D) it's safe to assume that Howard and his new agent will be looking for a new deal; E) the Dolphins might be hesitant to redo Howard's deal two years after signing him to a long-term extension. Add 1+1+1+1+1 and, yeah, it definitely wouldn't be a shocker if something happened along those lines.

From Total Perspective Vortex Investments (@perspectvortex):

Any athletic devvy prospects you like for day 3?

With a hat tip to my buddy Greg Creese (@GregCresse), I'd certainly keep an eye on Central Missouri's Zach Davidson, a 6-6, 245-pound tight end who also has been a punter. He also had a very good Pro Day and could make a good Day 3 pick. The other think who immediately comes to mind is Northern Iowa edge defender Elerson Smith, who gave me major Jason Taylor vibes at the Senior Bowl. But he won't last past Round 4, if he even gets there.

From Gabriel Ebbert (@GabrielEbbert):

Do you think RB next because of need or take another high value position pick ahead of RB?

This should be about best player available. You start drafting for need too much, you pass up better players and that's just not the way to go. If it's just about even between two prospects, then absolutely go for position of need. And the Dolphins do need a feature running back, so if Javonte Williams is the best prospect on the team's board and he's available, then jump all over him.

From Curtis Miles (@CurtisM59427242):

Did we really have to trade two number 1 picks for a receiver...for Ted Ginn seriously??

First off, the Dolphins did NOT trade two No. 1 picks to get Jaylen Waddle. If you're looking strictly at the 12-to-6 trade, it was one first-round pick. You also could look at it from the vantage point of the Dolphins ADDING a first-round pick in 2023 to move from 3 to 6 and still land a guy they really wanted. As for the Ted Ginn comparison, two things: 1) Ginn played more than a decade in the NFL, so it's not like he was a horrible pick; 2) Waddle was a much better receiver in college than Ginn was at Ohio State. There's more than one draft analyst who have suggested it's Waddle and not DeVonta Smith who would have won the Heisman last year if not for Waddle's fractured ankle.