Gaskin Puts Himself in the Running

Alain Poupart

Newcomers Jordan Howard and Matt Breida are expected to handle the bulk of the work at running back for the Miami Dolphins during the 2020 season if everything goes according to plan.

But the Dolphins will need for a third running back to step up and deliver at some point, and the reality is there's no clear-cut picture yet as to who that player will be.

The Dolphins currently have six running backs on their roster, though rookie seventh-round pick Malcolm Perry has been working as a slot receiver, meaning there are three legitimate options behind Howard and Breida.

Those three are third-year back Kalen Ballage, and second-year players Patrick Laird and Myles Gaskin.

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While Ballage is the most physical imposing of the three, with great size and straight-away speed, Gaskin might be the one to watch here.

A seventh-round pick in 2019, Gaskin had to bide his time before he finally got his shot at playing time as a rookie, but he was highly productive at the University of Washington and has looked impressive in the training camp practices open to the media.

It's entirely possible, of course, that the Dolphins will choose to acquire a veteran running back at some point to supplement the Howard-Breida combination, but Gaskin sure looks like someone who could contribute in 2020.

“I think Myles has done a very good job," head coach Brian Flores said Saturday morning. "He’s a kid who has really improved over the course of last season. Really from OTAs to minicamp to training camp, you could see kind of the growth throughout the season. He’s playing well running it, catching the ball out of the backfield. His blocking has improved.

"I tell him like I tell all the other players: their role is going to be what they make it, so if you go out there and you continually make plays and handle your responsibility and you’re someone we can depend on, we’re going to find a role for you.I think Myles has done a good job of doing everything he can off the field, on the field to make himself the best player he can be and that’s showing up a little bit in practice."

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Alain Poupart
Alain Poupart


I've actually been surprised by Gaskin because I didn't necessarily see anything special about him last year, but he definitely looks like he's got a different speed this summer.


Excellent news for Miles. He was solid at the UW, and has a unique ability to create 5 out of 3 and 9 out of 5... great spatial awareness. I think the roadgraders approach will definitely help Howard and Miles, we'll see if it can give Breida and Ballage the gaps they need to burst. Feel the same way about the draft - super encouraging that the picks the media called the biggest stretches may be the most productive and effective. Early, sure, but in order of plays on the field Iggy, Kindley, Davis, Jackson and Brandon Jones. If Perry can return kicks and punts, man the slot, its a fantastic draft even if Hunt has to settle back in at G for the future. The draft is deep at T next year, especially for the roadgraders (thinking Cleveland at C, Carman or Faalele at T), and we have great WR available in round 2 and 3 (Marshall at LSU is underrated).


Good for Miles! Grier needs all the help from his previous drafted players that he can get cuz thus far it's been lackluster (2019 draft). Having said that, I have a feeling Grier hit this years draft outta the park!! I know it's merely practice #5, but from what we are hearing about Austin, Kindley, & Iggy oh man, this is a nice time to be a Fin fan. We have some maulers at G as well as a dancing bear at LT - now all we need is either Davis to step up his game at RT or perhaps for Hunt to man it. However, it's unlikely all of Griers draft picks will pan out exactly as he hopes (stats say this) - we dont know who or when, but there is a chance Grier has to go back to the 1st rd next year for a RT and I do know Mr Leatherwood is there for the taking next year! Although that may spoil my Waddle/Smith selection. I did see a way too early mock & it had Alex at the end of rd 1 which if accurate then we could very well have our cake & eat it too - lol. I've never been one to look to Bama for our picks (even tho Grier sure has); but since Tua is here I wouldnt mind seeing a couple join him in Miami to play ball. Esp, Smith, Waddle, Harris &/or Alex L.