Could Pitts Be a Dolphins Possibility?

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of needs at other positions but just might be intrigued by what tight end Kyle Pitts could bring to the offense
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The conversation when it comes to the Miami Dolphins and the third overall selection in the 2021 NFL draft has centered mostly around a pair of talented wide receivers, a highly athletic offensive tackle and even the idea that it could wind up being packaged in a mega trade.

But while at this point it remains logical to suggest that the Dolphins will select DeVonta Smith, Ja'Marr Chase or Penei Sewell if they keep that third overall pick, here's another possibility that maybe shouldn't be dismissed.

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And that's the idea of taking University of Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

A tight end at number 3? Sound crazy, right? After all, no tight end has been selected higher than fifth and that happened once — all the way back in 1972 (Riley Odoms).

Since 2000, only four tight ends have been top 10 picks — the latest being T.J. Hockenson in 2019, selected eighth overall by the Detroit Lions. The other three are Eric Ebron (10th in 2014), Vernon Davis (sixth in 2006) and Kellen Winslow Jr. (sixth in 2004).

Besides, the Dolphins already have a very good receiving tight end in Mike Gesicki, who was fourth in the NFL in 2020 in receptions (53) among players at that position.

But there truly are good arguments for going in this direction.

The first is that Pitts isn't your prototypical tight end. He's more than a tight end.

He's a receiving threat from all spots on the field who, while certainly not being a blocking specialist, can contribute in that aspect of the game.

"I think he's the most unique player in the NFL draft," former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator Jim Mora told SI All Gators publisher Zach Goodall. "I think he's the guy that's going to give teams the most problems."

That's the key right there.

We can talk about Chase, Smith or even Alabama's Jaylen Waddle bringing major playmaking ability to the Dolphins offense but, as Mora points out, Pitts actually presents more of a matchup problem for opposing defenses.

OK, so what about already having Gesicki?

Again, this is about just how special Pitts can be. Oh, and here's this nugget to remember: Didn't the New England Patriots have not one but two star tight ends at one point when Rob Gronkowski was being his usual unstoppable self and before Aaron Hernandez's life took a wrong turn?

How difficult was that tandem for opposing defenses?

The thing with Pitts is this: If you eliminate positions from the equation, he just might at the top in terms of best prospects in the 2021 NFL draft. If not right at the top, then certainly near the top.

And though conventional wisdom says you just don't draft a tight end in the top five, he just might be talented enough to merit an exception.

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So, yes, the Dolphins absolutely should consider taking Pitts at number 3. And they most definitely should consider him if they end up trading down and moving back a few spots and he's still available at their latest position.

He is that intriguing a prospect.