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Shaheen on No Vaccine: 'Bigger Than Just COVID'

Miami Dolphins tight end Adam Shaheen says he's not going to get "strong-armed" into getting the COVID vaccine

Adam Shaheen addressed the media Saturday for the first time since coming off the Reserve/COVID-19 list and proceeded to address the topic.

The Miami Dolphins tight end said he was on the COVID-19 list earlier this week because of contact tracing and that he's never tested positive for the virus.

Shaheen then made clear his stance when it comes to vaccination.

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He's against it.

“You know, for me it’s a personal choice and it’s bigger than just COVID," Shaheen said. "I’m not going to elaborate further on that. The NFL is trying to push it. It’s no secret that they’ve been trying to push it on unvaccinated guys. You know what? I’m going to continue to go through the protocols of the unvaccinated that they make me do. I’m not going to get fined. But they’re not going to strong-arm me into doing something for more freedom when this is such a changing atmosphere and they’re already taking away freedoms of the unvaccinated guys. It was just a changing environment and, you know what, I’m going to keep my hands off and follow the rules that they put in place for me, but they’re not going to strong-arm myself into getting it. So, no.”

Shaheen's Twitter bio came under attention because it says "I will not comply," but he explained that it doesn't have anything to do with COVID but rather his support of the Second Amendment.

He then discussed his feelings on the COVID-19 protocols, which strongly encourage players to get vaccinated.

"This is a business," Shaheen said. "And from their point of view, they want us to play every game. Absolutely. I get that. And they’re trying to do everything they can. With that being said, for us to go and push more protocols than we had last year is beyond me. But, like I said, I’m going to do what they ask and require of me and that’s going to be that and, you know what, we’ll take it one day at a time.”