Tua Topics: A Happy Birthday, a Quinnen Endorsement, Another Mac Moment and a Watson Prediction

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa celebrated his 23rd birthday Tuesday
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Tua Tagovailoa very much remains a hot topic in South Florida and even around the country, whether he's talking or people are talking about him.

The Miami Dolphins quarterback celebrated his 23rd birthday Tuesday and shared images of a celebration via Instagram.

The night before, Tua Tagovailoa was a guest of the Florida Panthers for their game against the Carolina Hurricanes at BB&T Center. He was presented with a Panthers jersey.


Tua got a big vote of confidence a few days ago for former Alabama teammate Quinnen Williams, the defensive tackle for the New York Jets.

"I think he can be an amazing quarterback,” Williams said on the Zach Gelb Show. "He is an amazing leader. Great arm. Great player, great leader, just a great teammate in general.

“He probably struggled his first year, but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to struggle in his second year."


First it was DeVonta Smith, now it's Jaylen Waddle.

Like the Heisman Trophy, Waddle said if he had to choose between Tua and 2020 starting Bama quarterback Mac Jones, he would go with the latter.

Here's the thing: Just like we said when it came to Smith, Waddle saying he prefers Jones means very little in the grand scheme of things and more than likely wouldn't preclude the Dolphins from drafting him.

Again, remember that Smith, Waddle and Jones all closed out their college career together and by winning a national title. Also understand that Smith and Waddle are hoping to see Jones get drafted early in the 2021 NFL draft, while Tagovailoa already is in the NFL.

The recency bias makes this a loaded — and you might even say unfair — question to ask an Alabama wide receiver. Again, let's revisit this topic in, say, five years and let's see if Smith and Waddle still say they preferred Jones over Tua coming out of college.


We save the best for last, and it's the prediction by well-known radio talk show Colin Cowherd.

He makes predictions Wednesday as to who would be the starting quarterback for 15 teams with question marks at the 

"I believe Deshaun Watson will not play for Houston and I think the Dolphins already realize, based on what we've heard, they're not special at quarterback. And if you're in a division with Josh Allen, you better get special at quarterback or Brian Flores is not winning the division anytime soon."

Interestingly, Cowherd had Ohio State prospect Justin Fields as being Houston's next starting quarterback, saying the Texans "don't want Tua." He also had Cam Newton remaining as the starter in New England and BYU prospect Zach Wilson being the starter for the Jets, with Sam Darnold winding up in Washington.