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Daily Hunt | Oct. 29 Part 1 | Miami's Secondary is Hurting

Even before losing Xavien Howard, Miami is in need of help in the secondary.

Each and every day, Dolphin Maven brings you the latest news surrounding your favorite football team in a series they call: The Daily Hunt. Join Jake Mendel (@Jmendel94) and Josh Houtz (@houtz) as they bring you the latest on the Miami Dolphins in this award-winning two part series. In today's episode of Daily Hunt: Find the hunters on twitter at Twitter: |@MiaInTheHunt |@jmendel94 | @Houtz |

On today's episode of The Daily Hunt:

Miami's secondary was dismantled by backup quarterback Mason Rudolph for 250 yards and two touchdowns on Monday night football. It is clear that Xavien Howard is a true number one cornerback. However, outside of the stud, Miami is lacking talent and depth in the secondary. 

“This is how we evaluate the cornerback position: we look for guys with toughness. That’s what we start with – whether it’s mentally or physically," defensive coordinator Patrick Graham said. "Guys who can tackle. Then the willingness to get up in somebody’s face and get your hands on them. The toughness and all of that stuff, that all plays into it. I’ve seen that form those guys. The ability to come back – whether it’s a good play or bad play, and be able to compete and just keep working at it – that’s something that I – I never played that position. I understand being out there on an island like that from a coaching perspective. I’m just amazed at how those guys – one good play, bad play or whatever it is, it’s the next play. I’m always amazed by that, especially when they’re younger because it can be harder, especially in the big stages like we are here in the NFL whether it’s a Monday Night game or whether it’s a Sunday 1p.m. game. It’s a big stage. It’s NFL football.”

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