Should the Dolphins Give Isaiah Wilson Another Shot?

Short-time Miami Dolphins tackle asks for a second chance on Instagram

Offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson has resurfaced some six months after his incredibly short tenure with the Miami Dolphins ended, and the former first-round pick is looking for another shot.

Should the Dolphins consider being the team that gives it to him?

Wilson pretty much had disappeared from public view after the Dolphins waived him in March less than a week after acquiring him in a trade with the Tennessee Titans amid reports of off-the-field issues.

Wilson took to Instagram on Saturday night to offer his side of the story for how he went from 2019 first-round pick to persona non grata in the NFL.

"Some of you may know me as GG, some of you may know me as Panda, even some of you know me as the biggest bust in NFL history," Wilson wrote. "Today I write to you as Isaiah Wilson. Before the fame and the glamour, I was just a kid trying to make history as the best player out of New York City. I was the hope for my hood.

"As time went on and success came my way I struggled deeply with trying to prove who I was to every one counting on my wins. I lost myself. I lost my mental. I lost my ability to love. I lost it all. When I lost , seemingly everyone who once was in my corner, was gone. The ones that have remained, I love you.

"Today I write to you as Isaiah Wilson, not asking for forgiveness, but hoping for a second chance. With the time I’ve had away from the game I learned so much about who I am as a human. I finally love myself and it feels incredible. I now am ready to step back on that field with pride , integrity, and passion."

The post is signed, Isaiah Wilson.

Interestingly, one of the first accounts with a "like" on the post belongs to current Dolphins guard Solomon Kindley.

Already, one team has decided to at least give Wilson a look, as he worked out for the Indianapolis Colts on Friday.

And this is where it says the Dolphins absolutely should consider the possibility of giving Wilson a second chance after obviously first having a lengthy conversation with him. And in that conversation, Wilson would have to convince the organization he's ready to do the things necessary to succeed in the NFL.

Based on reports, Wilson's prior issues involved a lack of maturity and dealing with the responsibilities of an NFL player, but nothing that would warrant not giving him another shot — especially when players have gotten second chances all over the place after way more egregious behavior.

It's also not like the Dolphins couldn't use help on the offensive line, no matter when that help would materialize — if it ever does.

What would be the harm, for example, in signing Wilson to the practice squad so he can prove himself, with the understanding he'd be under a no-tolerance policy?

The trade for Wilson in March involved the Dolphins giving Tennessee a seventh-round pick this year for the tackle and a seventh-round pick next year.

It was the definition of low risk, high reward.

Signing him to the practice squad looks like the same kind of situation and it certainly would make sense if Wilson indeed is sincere about being a changed man.