Young Dolphins O-linemen Getting On-Field Work

Miami Dolphins rookie offensive linemen Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt will be joining second-year guard Michael Deiter in Arizona for some training
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The Dolphins have drafted three offensive linemen in the first three rounds over the past two years, and all three of them are scheduled to spend the week together in Arizona in a "minicamp" of sorts.

Rookie draft picks Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt and 2019 third-round pick Michael Deiter all are represented by Joe Panos, who not only is a player but a former NFL offensive lineman who started 56 games during a seven-year career with the Eagles and the Bills.

Panos came up with the idea of having a camp for offensive line clients to gather in North Scottsdale, Arizona, for a week of on-field work.

In all, seven players will be at the "camp," though the Dolphins will have the biggest representation with their three players. All are rookies or second-year players.

Jackson, Hunt and Deiter still will take part in the Zoom meetings with the Dolphins before they do some lifting. After the players have lunch, they'll head to the field for some drills.

As it turns out, it will be Jackson's mother, who lives in the area, who will be making breakfast and lunch for the players.

Panos contacted the offensive line coaches of each of the players involved to ask for input on what they wanted to see improvement in their players.

“Oh, I love it,” Panos told NFL writer Albert Breer. “I absolutely love it because I know, without sounding like a jerk, they're going to get trained right. If they can't be with their coaches, I’d like to think I know what I'm doing here. I love the fact that I promised these kids and their parents that I’d take care of them to the best of my ability, that I'm gonna go above and beyond, and get them ready for the season.”

Deiter and Panos have a connection deeper than player/agent since they each played at the University of Wisconsin.