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Daily Hunt | Oct. 31 Part 2 | Understanding the Blitz by Miami on Third and 20

One of the biggest head scratchers after Miami's loss to Pittsburgh was the decision to call an all-out blitz on third and 20 with just minutes remaining in the first half.

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On today's episode of The Daily Hunt:

Fans seemed pretty upset by Brian Flores and his decision to send an all-out blitz on third and 20 in the closing minutes of the first half in Pittsburgh. 

It could've been easy for the Dolphins to play a safe coverage and force a field goal attempt. However, is there possibly a reason why Miami sent the kitchen sink?

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Pittsburgh was driving and already in field goal range. It is possible that Flores, on third and 20, wanted to push the Steelers out of field goal range with a sack or better yet, force a turnover. The play didn't work out, but Coach Flores was risking it all in the first half to squash any momentum Pittsburgh was trying to gain. 

It is important to keep in mind, after 14 points early, the Dolphins offense was silenced for the rest of the game. Flores could've been thinking that the only way to escape with a win was with a shutout defensive performance. 

"To me, if you want to win games in this league, you’ve got to be aggressive," Flores said of the play call. "That’s never going to change for me. We blitzed them. They made a play. That happens. I’ve been in games where we’ve blitzed them and I’ve been in big games where you blitz them and you make a play and it’s the right (call). To me, if you’re going to win in this league, you’ve got to be aggressive. Period. That’s my style. I’m not going to play conservative. That’s always been kind of my ‘M.O.,’ so that’s not going to change. What I saw was we blitzed them, they ran a crossing route, we didn’t tackle a guy. People say you live by the sword, you die by the sword; and I guess that’s something people say, but for me, we’re going to be aggressive. That’s the way this team’s going to play and we’re going to go down swinging. Period.”