BIRDS 365: Beddingfield and Inside The Birds' Geoff Mosher Stop by the Show

Former Titans scouting director Blake Beddingfield gives an inside look at how an NFL draft board is put together
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PHILADELPHIA - The Tuesday edition of BIRDS 365 was an informative one.

Former Titans director of college scouting Blake Beddingfield joined Jody McDonald and John McMullen to explain how NFL draft boards are assembled and just how targeted they are.

Beddingfield, who spent 19 years with the Titans, also explains the evolution of scouting when it comes to the quarterback position, the vertical and horizontal aspects of the draft board, and why decisions should be made before the actual draft, not in the heat of the moment.

Other subjects touched on by Beddingfield include the cottage industry of personal coaches and how the 2021 draft process was unlike any other and why veteran scouting staffs likely had a big advantage when gathering information.

Also on the program was Geoff Mosher, the co-host of "Inside the Birds" with Adam Caplan.

Mosher gave his thoughts on the Eagles' strange move away from Ryan Paganetti, the game-day earpiece for Doug Pederson on the previous coaching staff, considering Jeffrey Lurie's devotion to analytics.

Also discussed is the love of young coaches like Press Taylor and Carson Walch right up until Pederson took an interest in them, plus Mosher weighs in on the quarterback position and the running game and gives his ideas on the prospects who might be in play during next week's draft.

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