BIRDS 365: SI Eagle Maven Ed Kracz and AM1490's Ryan Rothstein

Ed Kracz and Ryan Rothstein drop by to discuss the latest Deshaun Watson rumors
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PHILADELPHIA - Another day, another rumor when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles.

This one stems from Peter King's assertion that the Eagles would be the leader in the clubhouse for Deshaun Watson if/when the Houston star's legal issues are cleared up.

King is just the latest around the league who feels that Philadelphia will be targeting a QB in 2022, turning Jalen Hurts into a very young and inexperienced bridge option.

Ed Kracz, the Eagle Maven, explains why that's not necessarily the case and that Hurts should have an opportunity to win the job.

Kracz also delves into the Eagles' waiver-wire pickup of Kerryon Johnson and why the Eagles could be hedging their bets long-term on Miles Sanders.

Also addressed are Philadelphia's issues on the back seven on defense and the need to add a cornerback on defense.

Ryan Rothstein of AM1490 in South Jersey explains Hurts is in a no-win situation if the Eagles' are really looking at superstars like Watson and noted the plan might be to build up more of a resume for Hurts in an effort to spin off the second-year QB.

Jody Mac and Johnny Mac also talk schedule release, the potential opener for the Eagles, and talk the weekend exploits of two former Eagles in Tim Tebow and Brandon Bair as well as a player many had hoped would be an Eagle in DK Metcalf.

Tebow wants to try tight end in Jacksonville, Bair turns into a hero while saving a motorist from a flame-engulfed truck, and Metcalf is really fast, just not Olympian fast.

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