Brandon Graham Responds to Mike Vick's Criticism of Carson Wentz

Eagles defensive end said that he would tell his quarterback to go out and make Vick eat his words and use it as motivation
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Add former Eagles quarterback Mike Vick to the chorus of naysayers speaking out against Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz who has struggled greatly the past two games.

As a guest on FSI’s Speak for Yourself on Monday, Vick responded to a question about whether or not he believes Wentz will ultimately fail in Philadelphia.

"He will fail in Philadelphia," said Vick. "The bar has been set so high by Nick Foles. Regardless of when he came in, (Foles) did what he did and won the Super Bowl. The ceiling has been set.

“Along with Carson Wentz's character which has been questioned by his teammates and the public, it just makes it difficult for him. I think he's fighting an uphill battle, week in and week out. To win, to be a good teammate, it's a lot. It takes a lot from you to handle that responsibility.

"You got a guy in Nick Foles who is probably going to go down as one of the greats of all-time in Philadelphia history and you have to chase that. That's difficult."

On Tuesday, defensive end Brandon Graham was asked about Wentz and Vick’s comment.

“Just work hard in practice and next week make them eat it, make him eat those words,” said Graham. “That’s how you prepare. People can say whatever they want, but you have five (games left this season) to change all that so just stay focused.”

No stranger to hard times, Graham suffered an injury as a rookie in 2010 that required micro-fracture surgery, which has ended many players’ careers. He was drafted in the first round by the Eagles in that year, the 13 player taken overall, but had difficulty living up to that pedigree early on and was labeled a bust.

Graham is in his 10 season and on his third NFL contract and has 48.5 career sacks.

“For me, that would be motivation to prove it,” said Graham when asked specifically about Vick’s comment. “It’s all how you think about it and I think he’s going to do well with being here. If they (the Eagles front office) didn’t see something in him, he wouldn’t be here, trust me. Everybody has their opinion, but I think if anything that should be motivation for him.”

Wentz is scheduled to meet with reporters on Wednesday.