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Brian Baldinger Begins New Business Venture

The longtime NFL and former Eagles player has a vast knowledge of the game that he has put to good use with instructional videos that can be found on
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It was an idea born during the global pandemic, one that puts to good use Brian Baldinger’s vast knowledge of football.

The former NFL offensive lineman and Ric Serritella, of NFL Draft Bible and, decided to make instructional videos designed to teach the game at each position group on the football field - quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, etc.

Sounds simple, right?


The process was very involved with the duo utilizing various athletes and coaches to help them. It took about three weeks to make each video and about 10 months before the project was just recently completed.

“We were all challenged this year by the pandemic, and everyone had to sort of readjust to a different world,” said Baldinger about the project. “I had some free time on my hands and myself along with Ric Serritella we thought there was an audience out there to really teach the game to fans, to coaches, and to future scouts.”

The videos, which can be found on then type in Baldinger’s name in the search bar, are also great learning tools for high school and college athletes.

CoachTube provides a portal that provides coaching courses for a variety of sports. There you can find several football coaching and evaluation videos, including an offensive line series with legendary coach Bob Wylie as well as several positional breakdowns as part of his football coaching course

“When I was coming up through high school you had your high school coach and maybe you went to a summer camp, and that was it,” said Baldinger. “There’s a lot of resources right now. I’ve always made this claim, and now more than ever, if you want to become a great player you can become a great player. 

"You can’t use anything as an excuse, well we don’t have facilities, or we don’t have coaching. There are ways to overcome all of that and the resources have never been bigger and better.”

Baldinger knows football.

There can be no denying that. He played in the NFL for 13 seasons, a good long career despite going undrafted out of Duke in 1982, making 47 starts and appearing in 143 games.

His final two seasons were spent with the Eagles, for whom he made 13 starts and played in 24 games over two years, 1992 and 1993.

Baldinger wasn’t done with the game when he finally hung up his helmet for the final time. 

He went on to work with NFL Films and the NFL Network and his Baldy Breakdowns on Twitter of a position group or certain player following games during the NFL season are must-watch.

Now his latest venture figures to be more of the same don't-want-to-miss.

“I would choose three or four players from each group,” he said. “We’d go through it then open it up for questions and answers. We had coaches join us, we have Hall of Fame players join us, so it wasn’t all me.

“We created a database of information, because of all the outlets out there, YouTube being one of them, we started putting these breakdowns or parts of the breakdowns on YouTube for people to watch, go back and re-watch and learn from them so that was really the foundation to what we did.”

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