Carson Wentz and 5 Possible Trade Destinations

Could there be a reunion in store in Indianapolis? It sure makes sense, but there could be other landing spots, too, for the disgruntled Eagles QB

The Eagles have decided to begin fielding offers for their once-franchise quarterback Carson Wentz.

Not a surprise, really.

The quarterback is still miserable even after the firing of Doug Pederson, the hiring of Nick Sirianni, and the cashing of owner Jeffrey Lurie’s millions.

He wants out.

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The Eagles had hoped to keep him in, but now it looks like Lurie will accept Wentz has a write-off rather than risk bringing back an unhappy player who could potentially poison what looks like will be a very young locker room.

Here are five destinations, with some thoughts on potential compensation. Keep in mind that arm-chair general managing isn’t really my bag.


Makes the most sense, with Frank Reich and all.

Plus, the Colts need a quarterback, and the Eagles have a quarterback whose contract isn’t bad over the next couple of seasons, just north of $23 million per year. Not that the Colts should mind much since they have the second-most salary cap room in the NFL at more than $65 million beneath the current number of $176M.

But wait, there’s more (in my best infomercial voice).

Wentz’s good buddy Press Taylor is now a member of Reich’s staff. Maybe that will make miserable Wentz a happy Wentz.

Indy won’t part with a first-round pick, but Roseman knows the Colts are a team built to win now, and finding the right quarterback that could make them one of the top three teams in the AFC.

My ask: A second this year (No. 54 overall), which won’t happen, so settle for third this year (No. 84 overall) and a conditional third next year that could go to a second-round pick based on health and performance. Eagles throw in a fifth-round pick this year. 

Then cross your fingers and hope Andrew Luck doesn’t reverse his decision on retirement.


Think Bill Belichick is content spending the twilight years of his coaching career patiently waiting for a rookie QB to develop on a team that has multiple holes in its roster? So, why not solve the biggest need and make an offer for Wentz?

New England has plenty of draft picks and plenty of salary cap room, with the fourth-best financial situation in the league at $58.5 under the cap.

My ask: Give me Jarrett Stidham - lets’ see what Nick Sirianni and company can do with him as a backup - a fourth (No. 110), a sixth (No. 171 or 173, doesn’t matter), and a fifth next year. A king’s ransom? Sure, but the Eagles owned them in Super Bowl LII, why not in the front office now, too? OK, maybe the Eagles give back a late-round pick this year and another next year.


Matt Rhule and OC Joe Brady should be looking to upgrade from Teddy Bridgewater. Maybe they feel Wentz is that.

My ask: Flip-flop draft positions in the first round, with Eagles moving back from No 6 to Carolina’s spot at No. 8 and throw in Bridgewater. Yeah, Bridgewater has a big cap hit on 2021 ($22.9), but it’s still $12M less than Wentz, but if he’s no good, he’s cuttable after the season and the cap savings would be $21M, leaving Philly on the hook for just a $5M cap hit.


This organization embarrasses itself every time it tries to draft a quarterback – Drew Lock in 2019, Paxton Lynch in 2016, Brock Osweiler in 2012, and Tim Tebow in 2010, Jay Cutler in 2006, Brian Griese in 1998, and, one more for dramatic effect, Tommy Maddox in 1992.

Another team in decent cap shape, so enough already.

Go get Wentz.

My ask: Lock and a fourth (No. 104). Yeah, it’s going to cost you to unload Lock.


John DeFilippo would hate it. Chicago’s QB coach and Wentz had some issues during their time together in 2016 and 2017 in Philadelphia, mainly with Wentz’s stubbornness, but the Bears could use a QB not named Mitchell Trubisky and DeFilippo did bring out the best in Wentz.

My ask: Nick Foles. Straight up. Yep, everyone’s favorite backup returns to the only city where he has ever played well. He can be a backup again, biding his time posing for pictures outside the Linc with the statue of him and Doug Pederson combining their wits to call the Super Bowl Philly, Philly play.

I just love the irony of a deal like this, to be honest.

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