David Akers Far and Away the Best No. 2 in Eagles History

The kicker spent 12 years in Philadelphia, making six Pro Bowls and being named All-Pro twice
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There is only one player worthy of discussion to have worn the No. 2 in Eagles history.

He was one of the more reliable kickers in team history, and he stuck around for 12 seasons in Philadelphia, no easy feat for a kicker to have that much stability with one team.

David Akers did, though, and he is the one and only player who wore No. 2 the best.

With no disrespect meant to others, such as Mike Horan and Matt Barkley, who also wore the number, Akers was far and away the best.

He still holds the Eagles’ record for most games played in a career with them at 188, five more than Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins, and eight more than Hall of Famer Harold Carmichael.

Success wasn’t immediate for Akers, who failed to make the roster of both the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers in 1997. Finally, he latched on with Washington but missed two 48-yard field goals in the one game he played in and got cut.

The Eagles claimed him and assigned him to the Berlin Thunder of the World League. In 2000, he really hit his stride, going on to make six Pro Bowls and being named All-Pro twice.

The final year of his 15-year NFL career was 2013 with the Lions.

Akers is in the Eagles Hall of Fame and was a member of the Eagles’ 75th Anniversary Team and was a second-team selection on the NFL’s 2000s All-Decade Team.

Off the field, who can forget his trolling of Cowboys fans at the 2018 NFL Draft, held in Dallas, just a year after former Cowboys WR Drew Pearson trolled Eagles fans when he got behind the podium, when the draft was in Philly, to announce Dallas’ second-round pick.

Pearson said, "How 'bout dem Cowboys! I want to thank the Eagles fans for allowing me to have a career in the NFL."

Akers answered back a year later when he took the podium to announce the Eagles’ second-round pick – which turned out to be tight end Dallas Goedert – and said, “What's up, Dallas?

“We heard you in Philly last year. I like standing up here before you as an undrafted free agent, representing that shield for 15 years. Tonight, I'm representing the Philadelphia Eagles—NFC East champs. Divisional champs. NFC champs. And world champs! The world champs!

"Hey Dallas, the last time you won the Super Bowl, these draft picks weren't born."

Simply a classic moment.

Current number 2:

Jalen Hurts. The rookie quarterback, taken 53rd overall this past spring has, by all accounts, a promising future, but being stuck behind Carson Wentz means that future may come with another team.

Either way, Hurts would have a long way to go before he surpasses Akers.

Others: Joe Pilconis, Mike Michel, Mike Horan, Dean Dorsey, Steve DeLine, and Matt Barkley.

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