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Eagles Have Talked to Seahawks, Colts about Trade for Zach Ertz

The tight end is expected to be dealt, but it may be after Carson Wentz gets traded first, and what are the chances the TE and QB are in a package deal or the TE and an OT?
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Seems as if there was a need to report during the weekend that the Eagles were exploring a trade for Zach Ertz.

The Eagles have been exploring a deal for their Pro Bowl tight end for many months, though maybe some of that exploration has been put on the back burner, because of, well, you know, the quarterback taking front and center.

An NFL source said that the Eagles have had conversations about Ertz with the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts.

Prior to last season’s trade deadline, the Eagles had offers from the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers, but Ertz suffered a high ankle sprain and landed on Injured Reserve, virtually assuring he would finish his eighth season in Philly.

It’s not inconceivable that Carson Wentz and Ertz could be dealt in a package deal to perhaps increase the return the Eagles would receive in such a blockbuster trade, but, most likely, the Eagles will unlink the two since any team that takes the pair is absorbing two big price tags for their salary cap.

Ertz has one year left on his contract, but a new deal could be negotiated upon being traded. Either way - new deal or not – Ertz’s contract is still $8.2 this season.

The Eagles could trade Ertz before Wentz, but it is believed more likely that Wentz will be the first domino to fall in a deal.

The Seahawks make a good deal of sense for Ertz, if, of course, Russell Wilson isn’t traded.

Wilson talked last week about his unhappiness over an offensive line that has allowed bumps and bruises to collect on his body throughout the years and the front office never really showing much interest in making that wall in front of him sturdier.

Well, Wilson could easily express his frustration over the lack of weaponry at tight end.

Seattle spent a fourth-round pick on Colby Parkinson last year, but Parkinson, who is from Stanford, the same school that produced Ertz, played in just six games and had two catches for 16 yards.

Will Dissly played in all 16, but he only had 24 catches for 251 yards, which was about the same production he had in 2019.

That’s it on the team’s depth chart at the moment, with Jacob Hollister and Luke Willson scheduled for free agency.

Even at 30, Ertz puts up numbers like Parkinson and Dissly did in his sleep.

Ertz would be a nice underneath option for Wilson to find before an opponent's pass rush heats up while he waits for his WRs to work open.

As for the Colts, well, Ertz would no doubt like to play again for his former OC in Philly and Indy head coach Frank Reich, but the Colts’ tight end situation is a bit better than Seattle’s and who plays quarterback in Indianapolis is still very much unknown.

Jack Doyle is a strong blocking tight end and Mo Alie-Cox is developing nicely. Noah Togiai, a former undrafted free agent of the Eagles last year, shows promise and Trey Burton is set to be a free agent.

Ertz would be a welcome addition to that lineup.

As interesting as an Ertz-Wentz deal to Indy would be, and one that Indy could afford since they have plenty of money below the expected salary cap of about $180 million, what about an Ertz-Andre Dillard deal to the Colts, who need a tackle to replace the retiring Anthony Castonzo?

Dillard is expected to battle Joran Mailata to be the left tackle, but Mailata has proven he can do the job more than adequately.

If Ertz is traded straight up to any team, the compensation coming back won’t be overwhelming. A fourth-round pick may be as good as it could potentially get.

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