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PHILADELPHIA - This is a big week for Britain Covey.

He will learn if he will be added to the Eagles’ 53-man roster or be with another team at this time next week.

The team’s punt returner for the first three games is out of practice squad elevations. The only way he can play for the Eagles again this season is to be added to the active roster.

The Eagles could also release him. 

If nobody claims him after 24 hours, they could bring him back to the practice squad. That won’t happen. Not that the Eagles wouldn’t try to release him, but they would never get him back.

A source said that there are teams who have expressed interest in adding him to their roster.

“It’s one of those things you can only control what you can control,” he said on Wednesday. “You start worrying about what you can’t control too much then you kind of make it a bigger deal than it is, in my mind.

“I know I haven’t played perfectly over the first three weeks, but the coaches have told me to give myself a little grace. I’m a rookie. I’m an undrafted rookie free agent and no one’s perfect in their rookie season. They’ve told me I’ve done a good job. And my teammates have told me I’ve done a good job.”

Covey’s three-game audition hasn’t been perfect.

He had that muffed punt against Washington, one he said he was “so beyond frustrated” about.

Covey didn’t make excuses for it.

He also showed he can take a hit, but he has been absorbing hits like some he took against the Commanders dating back to his days at Utah.

“There’s a balance between being courageous and being stupid,” he said. “There’s a fine line. Part of it is I want to prove to my team and the guys blocking for me that I’m willing to hit it straight up, north and south because if I have a chance to go sideways for three yards or get vertical for eight yards, I’m not scared to get vertical for those eight yards. That inspires the guys around you to block harder.

“Then the same thing, I get hit really hard and bounce right back up. Part of that is that is so they don’t have the satisfaction thinking they hit you hard. Part of that is so your guys will see that and be inspired by it. That’s how I’ve always been.”

The next few days will reveal whether or not he keeps bouncing back up as an Eagle.

DeVonta Smith probably isn't a full-time option. He had one return against Washington for 12 yards, but asking him to do that full-time along with his regular workload as a high-volume receiver, is probably too much.

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Eagles center Jason Kelce said he wants to be a Batman.

The Eagles already have three – Swole Batman (A.J. Brown), Skinny Batman (DeVonta Smith), and Fast Batman (Quez Watkins).

That trio has a cape they wear on the sidelines now when they score a touchdown or make a great play.

Kelce wants in.

“I have to get permission for that from the Batmen, but I think…yeah, we’ll see," he said.

Kelce already has a bat name in mind.

“Fat Batman, of course,” he said.


Last week, the Eagles worked out left-footed punter Michael Palardy.

Michael Clay was asked why, if the team was happy with Arryn Siposs.

Turns out, it was simply a matter of leaving no stone unturned.

“You never want to go in going against a lefty punter not seeing one,” said the special teams coordinator. “I think that was the biggest thing to see a lefty punter, for Britain. The last time he saw one was in college. But it’s a little bit different how the ball is flying and everything.

“(GM) Howie (Roseman) does a great job of getting everybody ready regardless of the situation, whether it's rain, a lefty punter, a lefty kicker. We're going to do everything we can to get these guys ready for Sunday.”


QB Jalen Hurts has won the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week Award for his performance last week against Washington when he completed 22-of-35 passes (62.9%), 340 yards, three touchdowns, and a 123.5 passer rating.

By winning the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week Award, FedEx will make a $2,000 donation in Hurts’ name to a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), which will be applied towards needs-based scholarships to deserving HBCU students.

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